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Covering your Vertical Blinds Hardware with Curtains

Curtains Over Vertical Blinds Hardware

Use of Vertical Blinds in Rental Apartments

If you have ever lived in rented apartments you will not be unfamiliar with vertical blinds which seem to cover every window in the vicinity. One of the reasons for their popularity in rental houses is they are economical. Vertical blinds comparatively cost less and they are extremely functional. They are incredibly practical, as they help to block out the sun effectively that stream through windows and large patio doors and offer much-needed privacy. Vertical blinds are also highly durable. The convenience and practical benefits make vertical blinds a popular choice for rented apartments, but not necessarily a favorite among users.

Unappealing Vertical Blinds and their Hardware

Despite their versatility, many people find vertical blinds rather unattractive and some even ugly. A large reason for this is that their hardware, the top bar or headrail in particular from where the blinds hang, is mostly made of plastic and a sore to the eyes. Sometimes these blinds appear old and dated and fail to match and blend with your home decor. They stick out like sore thumbs. Not everyone likes to pull them down or uninstall them because, well, they are practical and for rented houses, one does not want to make too much of an effort. So the endeavor is to reduce their presence and impact on the rooms and the decor. Preserve the functionality of the vertical blinds and make the windows more attractive. Make the vertical blinds disappear literally without taking them down. How amazing and interesting does that sound?

How to Reduce the Impact of Unattractive Vertical Blinds on a Room

Yes, there are people in rented apartments using their ingenuity to deal with unappealing vertical blinds. Most of them have used drapes and curtains to hide the vertical blinds and their hardware. Richly colored or designed curtains and drapes are timeless beauties. Irrespective of the growing market for shades and blinds, curtains have succeeded in retaining their own niche among window treatments. They add a touch of elegance and class and a luxurious feel to any room irrespective of the home decor style. These curtains often come to the rescue of all those who are looking to hide those supposedly hideous vertical blinds.

Ways to Hang Curtain Over a Vertical Blinds

Hang Curtain Using Wood Dowel
Some have been ingenious enough to hang a curtain panel using a wood dowel. They placed the dowel inside the plastic supports of the already existing vertical blinds valance. Without any hardware or tools, the curtains are successfully hanged. When the blinds are not being used the curtain panel helps to hide the slats completely and when the blinds are used, the curtains help to soften the impact of the blinds on the rooms. If you are using a thin fabric, the slats of the blinds can still be visible. Taking a thicker curtain panel will help to hide the slats more effectively.
Curtain Over Vertical Blinds

Slip Curtain Panel and Valance into the Rod
To soften the impact of vertical blinds and add some warmth in a room you can try using a combination of valance and a curtain panel. You can hang a curtain road over the vertical blinds and ensure that it extends from the wall enough to cover the vertical blinds hardware. Then all that you need to do is slip a curtain panel and a valance into the rod. The valance will help to hide the unappealing hardware. When the curtain panel is open you can access the vertical blinds and once the curtains are drawn the vertical blinds get concealed. The curtain panels and valances collectively help to hide the ugly blinds and the hardware and also adds softness to the existing décor.

Hang Curtain on Tension Rod between Cornice and Blinds
If your windows have a cornice, which is a decorative box used to hide the top of the blinds, then you might find some space between the cornice and the vertical blinds. In this space, you can suspend a tension rod between the two ends of the cornice. From this tension rod, you can hang curtains.
Curtains and Valances Over Vertical Blinds

Use Brackets & Curtain Rods to Hang Curtain from Cornice
You can even hang curtains by installing brackets on a cornice and use a curtain rod. Fix these brackets on either end of the cornice so that they hold up well. Insert the curtain panel into the curtain rod and then place the curtain rod into the brackets.

Use Velcro to Attach Curtain to Cornice Board
If there is cornice covering the vertical blinds, you can hang curtains without using a curtain rod or without drilling. You could opt for a Velcro. Attached one side of the Velcro to the cornice and the other side to the top exterior part of the curtains. Line up the strips of the Velcro evenly. The one problem with using Velcro is that these curtains cannot be pulled to close or open. If you are more concerned with the aesthetic feel of the room and the need to hide the vertical blinds more than the functionality then this works well.

So, we have the different ways you can hang curtains or drapes to hide the vertical blinds. This allows you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the rooms without sacrificing functionality. The vertical blinds can be used and we have seen how practical these are for your windows. Curtains help to add softness and warmth to your house, add a touch of elegance and grace to the surroundings and keep the plain-looking vertical blinds and their hardware out of view.