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The Cost of Going Smart: 3 Automated Blinds and Their Price Ranges

: 3 Automated Blinds and Their Price Ranges

Live Smart with Smart Window Coverings

Over the past decade, smart home technology has become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. You can turn off lights, look outside through smart cameras, know the weather condition or latest news, and much more through voice commands or mobile apps. With automation touching every element of our lives today, window coverings cannot be left behind. Once you consider integrating technology into your blinds and shades, you are assuring the ultimate comfort, elegance, appearance, safety from hazardous cords, security from outside hazards, cost reduction on electricity bills, and ease of operation. Although for many, smart shades are a design luxury, but you cannot ignore the functional and practical benefits they offer. Window coverings that can raise and lower on command or on a schedule are the perfect way to add a new dimension to any smart home. They work flawlessly and are compatible with almost all windows and doors.

There are plenty of smart shades available in the market and each of them holds unique values and works differently for your interior. If you are planning to buy new motorized cellular shades for your home, for example, you might be concerned about the budget. Though these design solutions sound a little costly compared to standard blinds or shades, we always want to make a worthy investment to upgrade our quality of living. The price of an automated blind depends on multiple factors including the size of the window, the type and material of the product, and the motor.

  • Motor Type: When it comes to selecting a motor that will power your motorized blinds, there are various options to choose from. Smart products are an investment and improve the home’s comfort condition, so always invest in better quality motors that will work for a long period of time without hiccups, or that have a good manufacturer warranty. Somfy motors (starts at $270) are the most preferred choice because of their integrity and versatility.
  • Window Treatment Type and Material: With every passing day, the window fashion industry is coming up with new and enhanced design solutions to ensure the maximum level of comfort and functional effectiveness. You have lots of automated window blind options to choose from, and based on the functional features, the price may vary. Material is another factor to consider. For example, real wood is one of the most expensive materials out there, but they add value and eco-friendly vibes to your decor, while in terms of durability vinyl or faux wood are better. It’s up to you which one you will go for.
  • Number of Windows: Depending on the number and size of windows, the price range may increase or decrease. Always check how many windows you have, the main purpose of getting them, and then finalize.

Yes, this type of window shades tend to be expensive especially when you have more windows and you want to dress them up with modern technology, but we believe that they are worth the cost. In this article, we will discuss the top three automated window dressings along with their price ranges which are reliable, highly functional, and leading the current market scenario.

Top Three Smart Blinds with Their Price Ranges

  • Insulating Smart Cellular Blinds:

Most of the homeowners choose these automated window solutions over any other product because of their energy-efficiency feature and the capability of maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. The shades help in trapping the excess air inside the air pockets and help in preventing heat gain and heat loss in an efficient way. When the outside climate becomes extreme you can set the shades to lower automatically and create a comfortable room atmosphere. In this way, you can save significantly on heating and cooling costs. The price of these blinds ranges between $300 and $600. Depending on the fabric material or design aesthetics, the price may change.

Z- Wave Smart Cellular Shades

  • Smart Motorized Solar Blinds:

If you live in a place where the weather is extreme in the summer months, custom solar shades work best. They are designed to block out the heat and other sun rays coming through the windows while ensuring a cool atmosphere when the sun is bright outside. The shades come in different openness factors that allow preserving your outdoor great view while having control of the sun rays. Upgrading your windows with these shades will bring a stunning appeal and the functional efficiencies will help to create a statement for your space. The cost of going to these smart shades will vary between $400 and $700.

Smart Z-Wave Solar Shades

  • Automated Roman Blinds:

If you want to transform the appearance of your interior instantly, then smart roman shades are always preferred. Their endless colors, designs, and textures will create a magnificent look for the windows and their functional aspects will definitely ensure a wow factor for your arena. The integration of Z-wave technology permits the shades to operate using a Smartphone or voice commands. Usually, the shades come in a price range between $450 and $700 but it may fluctuate depending on the customization or installation type.

Smart Roman Shades

There are many smart blinds and shades available, exploring them all will help you to get the best-suited one. But before that, it’s essential to know your requirements, the reason for mounting the particular smart covering, and the budget, and then it will be easy to find the best window treatment that will match all your needs. Check out all the design options and their price ranges, and be ready to style up your home with technology while adding value and sophistication!