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The Cost Of Custom Cornices – Retail vs. DIY Methods

The Cost Of Custom Cornices - Retail vs. DIY Methods

The Price Difference: Retails vs. DIY Cornices

Cornices have been the popular window toppings for decades because of their unique designs and variety of shapes. They are not only beautiful but also provide functional and practical benefits to build a comfortable indoor ambiance. A window can be a focal point of any home when properly dressed, and this cornice can be a great accessory for it. Remember, a window can make or break a room design. According to the designers, cornices are the perfect jewelry for your windows. They are available in all colors, shapes, and styles to enrich beauty dramatically. Considering the right cornice design for your decor means your doors and windows will be grateful for it.

Custom cornices add softness and an upscale feel to your overall decor. They are mainly designed to hide window coverings when raised, conceal the unattractive hardware, or to add some pops of some color to the surroundings. Their functional contributions are amazing; these cornices can increase the energy efficiency of your windows by preventing sun rays and heat from the top of the window frame while lowering the home’s energy bills. Cornices don’t have to elaborate on what they are and what they can do for your space, after a proper installation, you will only get to know them.

But when it comes to getting them, it becomes difficult to decide whether to opt for retail window cornices or make your own, especially when you have a restricted budget. Well, the cost of a custom cornice depends on multiple factors. There is a range of ready-made cornices available in the retail store in different price ranges, but building your own is simple and inexpensive too. Read on to know the prices of both the cornices and then estimate how much those dream window cornices will cost you.

Wooden Cornices

Retail Cornices:

Typically, retail cornices cost an average of $100 to $250. However, this can range between $500 and $2000 as well, depending on how stylish you want to get and for how many windows you need cornices. Before you opt for a retail cornice, you have to consider so many things. Depending on the window size, how much fabric you want, and the quality of the fabric material, the price will vary. The cost of wood and ply also makes a huge difference. If you don’t know how to install them properly, then additional installation costs will increase your budget drastically. If you are looking for a ready-made window cornice then you have the option of exploring all the designs and checking their costs. Though having these cornices will save you money and effort, but increased price ranges can make a big difference in your overall window decor project.

DIY Cornices:

Creating a DIY window cornice will save you a huge amount over buying a retail cornice. They are easy to do and don’t require many tools. These cornices meet your design taste and also ensure you the right size that will perfectly blend with your decor. DIY window cornices may sound intimidating, but with some handy tools and a piece of proper knowledge, anyone can make it at home without any professional help and will save your money too. All you have to do is pick up a stunning fabric material and create a unique look for your home. For this process, you will require boards, fabric, batting, spray glue, scissor, staple gun, brackets, screws, electric drill machine, and clamps (optional). And buying them all will cost you around $10 – $20 and a few minutes (when averaging price per board). If you have more than one window and you are on a strict budget but at the same time wish to add sense to the windows by enhancing the aura of them, DIY cornices are the best and inexpensive go-to option rather than retail custom cornices.

Drapes and Cornices

Wrapping Up!!

Custom window cornices are a special addition to any home decor style; they highlight the windows and turn them into the focal point of your space. Now, you have a basic idea of both DIY and retail cornices and their price differences. Know your budget, and then decide what to do. Consult with the professionals to have detailed knowledge before you make the final decision!

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