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Cost-Effective Window Treatments For Modern Décor

Cost Effective Window Treatments For Modern Décor

Being an in-demand interior decorator, John spends most of his time visiting conference halls, offices and well-to-do clients. His job is to suggest tips to his clients on upgrading their home and office decor. Not many people have a unique style and an aesthetic sense of beauty, he tells me, and he often faces a challenge explaining his understanding of what constitutes elegance to people. Window treatments are John’s specialty. The other day when I accompanied him to a modest home, he presented his clients a booklet of modern blinds and shades that would look good in different rooms. However, they had a major concern. They couldn’t afford to replace every blind of the house. All they needed were cost-effective window treatments. Luxury was the last thing on their mind.

John was slightly taken aback. But being the professional that he is, he came up with the best window covering ideas for the couple for every room of their house. For me, this was a great learning experience. What I understood was that it is not always necessary to buy the most expensive stuff as long as you know how to take care of your home well. Even something subtle, when neatly organized, can become the subject of praise among your social circles.

The Best Budget-Friendly Window Blinds To Own

We all window shop and love browsing and looking at things and imagining how they’ll look in our home. Sometimes when we’re window shopping we even love to look at stuff that is way beyond our budget range. And it’s normal for that there is a lot of stuff that we can’t reasonably afford. The same is true in the case of window coverings.

However, despite many of us not being able to afford many things, that doesn’t mean we deserve anything less than extraordinary. In the arena of window treatments, I tell you how you can afford some of the best window coverings, both functional and a sight to behold, at the lowest possible costs for each room in the home.
Budget Friendly Aluminum Blinds

Affordable Window Coverings for the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a place that requires an exhaust fan and efficient ventilation. Cooking gas releases harmful fumes and you need to get some functional window treatments that won’t stain or hold odors while keeping clean air circulating and brightening the space.

What window treatments are best for one of the most sensitive areas of the house? This is a question many of you ask. Without a doubt, I recommend faux wood blinds. You may wonder why to go for a replica of wooden blinds when you have the opportunity to go for the original. To begin with, wooden treatments are expensive window coverings that can burn a hole in your budget. Besides, they need a lot of care because they can crack easily when exposed to moisture for longer periods of time. Faux window blinds, on the other hand, are available at much lower costs and offer a splendid look. They are made of PVC or vinyl and are coated with the same material. Some faux wood blinds may be made of other materials and can have a portion of original wood in their construction. Their thicker slats allow for great insulation and also control the amount of natural light coming in the house. However, compared to wood blinds, they may be slightly heavier, thus making them difficult to install on taller windows or areas that are out of reach, such as skylights.

Cost-Effective Blinds for the Living Room

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely adore house parties. And I love inviting people over rather than visiting places. This gives me an opportunity to showcase my skills for a great partying experience. I want my people to have a good time. So working on my lighting, offering drinks in the most intricately designed champagne glasses and setting up the furniture in every corner of the house to make my guests as comfortable as possible is part of my weekend agenda. And when I have some amazing window treatments to keep the chilly winds out in the evening, it is the icing on the cake!

So impressed were my pals with my choice of curtains that they were certain that they had cost me a fortune! I didn’t want to tell them the actual price, as I’m a bit of a show-off. However, being a good friend to every one of them, I didn’t want to keep them in the dark. I told them that the floral-patterned blackout curtains came well within my budget. And when I shared the actual price with them, they were in for a surprise.

Yes, curtains are your go-to window blinds to pair with any other window treatment for an exuberant appeal. They can be set up with your shutters and tied up with Velcro closure for a ravishing appearance. They can also go well with a valance or a light filtering window shade. You can also add an insulating layer of material with them for blocking light and harmful radiation of the sun. You may also install them as the only window treatment for your windows and they will do a better job at protecting your home than many other window shades.
Cost-Effective Blinds for Living Room

Affordable Window Shades for the Bedroom

I’m sure none of you wants to compromise on a comfortable sleep. Who wouldn’t, after coming home from a hard day at work? A bedroom is a place where we want ultimate comfort, a cozy bed and window treatments that provide a good deal of privacy. But trust me, you do not need expensive window treatments to take care of your basic expectations. So what we recommend are vinyl blinds. Like faux wood blinds, they are moisture-resistant, besides being dust, dirt and scratch-resistant. Also known as mini and micro blinds, they are usually long-lasting because of their durable material. Thanks to their adjustable slats, they can be opened when you need a bit of natural light in your bedroom, which can save on electricity costs. And when you need privacy and light blockage for a good rest, tilt them closed as per your needs.
Affordable Window Shades for Bedroom

Window Covering Options for Your Study

Many homes have separate study rooms where you can concentrate on your work without being disturbed. This is also a room where you expect light-blocking window treatments so that the glare may not irritate you and affect your focus. So you can go for blackout roller shades that help you in doing your job properly. Their UV-resistant fabric keeps away the harmful rays of the sun, especially when you’re spending long hours in the study. Besides, they are available in a wide range of fabrics and color choices. With their minimal appearance, they lend the room a subtle and simple look.

At ZebraBlinds, you find a lot of customizable options that let you choose from among a variety of fabrics, materials, sizes and color options at budget-friendly rates. Anytime you want an upgrade, you can contact the manufacturer who can present to you the alternatives. It is important for you to make the right choice while keeping your money into consideration. We understand that your money is hard-earned, so you must go for the absolute best within your budget.