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Cornices: The Next Best Thing for Sprucing Up Your Window Coverings

Cornices to Spruce Up Your Window Coverings

Cornices – The Origin Story

During the budding era of the Renaissance, cornices took center stage. This happened during the 15th century. What else was popular during this time? Lambrequins. These were extensions of the cornices that extended beyond the windows’ edge. What is even more interesting was the fact that these window dressings were earlier used on beds and as part of an extended bedding decoration in the form of fringes, tassels and other types of rich, luxurious fabrics. The modern ages turned these coverings into window treatments. How? Take a wooden surface and add soft layered cloths on it and make sure the batting is facing down. There you go, you have a cornice. Then you mount this structure up on the wall above your window, and you have a perfectly designed cornice in your room. With matching cloth fabrics to match your drapes, you have a cohesive decorative style adorning your interiors.

But What Exactly is a Cornice?

A cornice is a hard or soft window treatment, that is built on the window top at home. They consist of a box with drapes or fabric along the sides, or the box is padded itself. When covered with padded material, they are called soft cornices. If they consist of stylized wood with zero fabric, then they are called hard cornices.

When Do You Use This Fancy Looking Window Cover?

These types of window adornments are combined with soft window treatments such as shades, blinds or drapery panels. This gives a well-rounded formal looking appearance. For window areas that don’t have a set style or lack any architectural frills, these cornices are used. If you want an elegant appeal to your spaces, then go ahead and use these window dressings to your advantage.
But if you want a distinctively unique look to your spaces, install these box-type covers because, in spite of their rigid appearance, they can still provide a curvy scalloped look. They are so effortless in matching your persona that you can pair them up with a variety of fabrics and furnished with so many things like tassels, fringes, nail heads, and lots more.

Tips For Using Window Cornices

Don’t be afraid to get into redecorating gear. To help you begin, here are some tips to invigorate your home décor. Take a look at the following:

Textures: In comparison to other window attachments, cornices have that unique ability to match your curtains or drapes. You can add some textural aspects to your room. Each fabric sends off a distinct style that adds to the vibe of your place. Each fabric gives a unique feel and aura. For instance, to achieve the romantic notions of, let’s say a Victorian era, choose thick, luxurious wool. For a family-friendly feeling, go for brightly colored cotton. If you select a sheer curtain, then it entails gracefulness.
Another thing to keep in mind is the outline of your window. Need a formal outlook? Then select drapes that are made out of silk that can add a touch of elegance to your room. For a set up of a country styled kitchen, opt for plaid prints and burlap. And if the industrial outlook is what you are going for, then choose metals like copper, silver or steel fabrics that have broad nail heads.
Color: While redecorating your room, remember one thing – you don’t have to have the exact color swatch running through the entire space. Go for complementary or primary colors. If you match your drapery to the primary color of the cornice, then it will blend into it. For example, the cornice can be an olive green if the interiors are bright pink. And if the indoor colored scheme is white or pastel, then the cornice should be bright red, blue or even black. Inspiration can come from anywhere; you only have to look. Accent pillows have great colorful patterns which you can use in your theme. Even your bedspread can hit you with some fantastic ideas. All these elements can offer you a great aesthetic appeal.
Use of Accents: During the times of the Renaissance, cornices were paired up with accents like fringes and tassels. It worked well with navy blue and maroon color schemes, floral patterns, and thicker fabrics. One method to spruce up your window cover is to add decorative strands and vines. Your room can have that natural theme of greens, browns, and earthy color tones. Pearls and beads make a neat addition for a chic imperial look, primarily if that area consists of a formal dining room. For an authentic country style, use decorative nail heads. It will give a rustic twist to that space.
Wooden Cornices
Practicality: To make your windows look more prominent and broader than they are, use cornices. Mounted just above the frame and extending beyond the curtain rod, they do wonders for tiny windows. Ensure that the cornice is placed on the wall, way above the window. Moreover, the drapes should fall past the trim of the window. Another practical application is that these window dressings can make curtain rods, blind tracks, and other unsightly components appear invisible. To make your ceilings seem taller than they are, place a short length cornice just above the drapery rod. These are some great practical methods to treat your windows.
Functionality: Cornices are not just your average pretty looking window covers. They are more than that. Did you know that they can act as shelves for storage? You would just have to craft your cornice large enough and you can mount items on top of it. These robust wood-based window coverings can serve as a platform to show off your prized possessions or family heirloom pieces. Therefore, you have an alternate method of displaying your antique vases and collectibles. By doing so, they add another level to the style of your current décor.
Window Cornices that are uniquely you: The good part of decorating your windows with cornices is that you can customize it to your unique taste. They can reflect your personality, and it can seamlessly gel with the rest of your furnishings. Right from the color, texture, fabric, and choice of shelved knick-knacks – they all represent you. Go on and spice things up with your windows.
Cornices with Curtains and Drapery

The Best Thing About These Window Coverings

When you add cornices to your windows, you reap the benefit of hiding the ugly components of your window attachments. They also blend very well with the rest of your interior furnishings. You get an unobstructed view of the outdoors, and your home looks neat and fresh. They make your interiors blossom and create a soothing environment to relax in.

Cornices are calling

Yup, they sure are! They make great additions to any room and window of your home. There are so many interior designing styles for you to choose from. Available in wooden or fabric materials, it is an excellent way to change the whole vibe of your spaces. Bring guests over and have fun entertaining them and be the talk of your neighborhood with fabulous cornice pieces. Go the luxury route or a simple, elegant feel – the choice is yours. Enjoy the outside view with zero obstacles and get ready to add some gorgeousness to your interiors today!

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