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When building or renovating our homes or offices, we get a unique opportunity that doesn’t always come by. We get a chance to completely change our windows. We can close them up, make new ones, modify them, or even just leave them be because some things are perfect as they are. But if you have the chance to redo your windows from scratch, you should definitely take it. There are a lot of types of windows out there, and each of them has the potential to be what you want and need.

Fixed Windows


Graber Faux Wood Blinds


These are exactly like they sound: fixed, unmovable. These types of windows can’t be opened; they simply cover up a section of wall that would otherwise be exposed. Fixed windows can be used in places where we wouldn’t open the windows anyway but still enjoy the view. Given the simplicity of their design, fixed windows are inexpensive but also come in many decorative and ornamental styles. So if you like a view but have other windows for light and temperature control, fixed windows are a great way to go. Fixed windows go great with Graber 2” faux wood blinds, the diffused light through the faux wood can work wonders on a room.

Single and Double Hung Windows


Affordable Motorized Blinds


These are an older style window that are still popular to this day. They are mostly used in older homes that were built in earlier times or made to look like they were built in a certain period. Single hung windows featured a fixed immovable top window and a movable bottom window that pulled out or went up. However, double hung windows consist of two movable windows. Single hung windows allow for greater options with the immovable top window while the double hung windows offer greater ventilation and temperature control. A good way to use these windows for light would be to use affordable motorized blinds.

But when looking at modern homes, the more popular versions of windows are casement windows. Casement windows are something we’ve seen in many homes, windows that swing outward (or inward!) based on how they’re set. Casement windows are almost as weather-tight as fixed windows making them an ideal option for windows we may open some of the time. Given that they’re operated by a mechanism with an included crank, casement windows have movable mechanical parts. More moving parts usually means that they will eventually need fixing and regular maintenance.

Awning Windows


Graber  Window Shades


These are next on our list. Unlike casement windows, awning windows open out horizontally and also carry the same mechanical disadvantages. However, given that they open horizontally, they can be raised higher to ensure that they won’t get in the way of any furniture. Closing and opening awning windows take up a lot of space so make sure to use them in spacious rooms and ensure that the furniture is arranged accordingly giving ample space for the windows. Window coverings are a bit of a challenge given that these open horizontally, but Graber window shades have a surprisingly good capacity for additional light control, much like cordless Zebra blinds.

Palladian Windows


Palladian Windows


These are currently the more popular windows to have in one’s home. These windows consist of a set of three windows, and over those windows is a beautiful arch. Palladian windows are mainly considered for their aesthetics and how they let light pour into a room, giving it a soft glow where the light doesn’t reach. Palladian windows are a little pricey and the window style makes it hard to obtain proper window coverings, but not impossible. A set of cordless Zebra blinds can easily help with additional light control. Customize arch shapes are also available with wood blinds and cellular shades.

Jalousie Windows


Graber Lightweaves Roller Shades


These are something that’s been a little out of style since recently. These windows are made of strips of glass that turn based on a moving crank. Jalousie windows don’t fully close, they’re always just a little “open” even when the glass strips are closed shut. This makes them great for a room where you would want constant ventilation but also a little privacy, like the bathroom for example. Jalousie windows are inexpensive and practical even though they may not have the most aesthetic appearance. For more effective light and air control with Jalousie windows, one may consider getting Graber light weaves roller shades. Colors may vary.

Elliptical or Arched Windows

These are known to be pretty timeless. These windows work best in very spacious rooms. They add a subtle sense of delightful chaos to a perfectly geometrical room, giving it a greater sense of comfort. In modern homes, these windows are best placed above something, like windows or doors. They provide an ample amount of lighting and are usually fixed given that they are usually placed high up or low, giving them a sense of versatility. While it’s possible to control the light with blinds like cordless Zebra blinds, this is something that’s a more challenging prospect to get window coverings for, and are even less practical to actually install. Go for customized shape coverings in wood blinds or cellular shades.

Clerestory Windows


Cordless Zebra Blinds


These are something we see on a regular basis. These windows are by design, meant to be high above our heads, letting light in from the top. Popular examples of Clerestory windows are churches that were built to look like the original roman or gothic churches. The advantage of these windows is that they provide ample ventilation, better lighting, and can be painted to look ornamental should the owner with it. The problem with this is that they are not always practical for homes. However, should they be used in offices or vehicles/homes with high ceilings then they will serve their purpose and look exquisite doing it. Cordless blinds can work better here, or preferably if one can get affordable motorized smart blinds, it will be easier to close them given the height at which these windows can be.

In Conclusion:

There are many options one must consider if they wish to change windows. Do any of these windows speak to you? Well if they do then they certainly warrant more research. Like we said before, each window has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which we have tried to elaborate here. Of course, should be able to help with any of your requests should you need window coverings (and there’s a good chance you will!). A lot of these windows will benefit greatly if they were fitted with cordless zebra blinds

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