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An Easy-to-Understand Guide on: How do Cordless Blinds Work?


How Does Cordless Window Blinds And Shades Work?

We have a lot of requests coming in on the workings of cordless window blinds and shades. They are very convenient in operation when compared to their corded counterparts. Cordless window treatments are an effortless way to cover your windows. The cordless system ensures you have a convenient way to raise and lower your blinds and shades.

Cordless window coverings aren’t entirely cordless in the strictest sense, they have cords running through the slats or the fabric (depending on the type of shade) for easy operation. The key difference here is that there are no cords handing freely which can be a choking hazard for children or pets. The cordless option in also provides another advantage where the operation of a blind or shade is a lot smoother and easier compared to their corded counterparts. On most corded systems you have to counteract the weight of the product by pulling on the cord and this can require quite an amount of effort depending on size. On a cordless shade, thanks to a spring motor counteracting the weight (please note, this is not motorized, the cordless mechanism is generally referred to as a spring motor) you simply pull on the bottom bar to lower them, or push it to pack up or give it a quick tug to raise them (varies by product).

These are a smart option for heavy traffic spaces like a kitchen, bathrooms, children’s rooms, patios and play areas. Easy installation and maintenance make them a popular choice with any window blinds and shades.

When to Use Cordless Window Blinds And Shades?

  • Homes with children and pets

Cords dangling from window blinds and shades can become a play item for children and pets. These can be very dangerous and can lead to strangulation or death. Therefore cordless treatments are a safer bet where there is no danger of cords dangling on the sides.

  • Seamless visual appeal

In case your windows are different sizes on a wall, they offer a clean and uniformed look. The hassle of having different hardware on each window can be completely taken care of with the cordless option.

  • For focal windows

While highlighting focal or strategically well-located windows in your home, go for cordless window coverings. These blinds and shades practically vanish when raised and are much more visually appealing.

  • For windows at eye level

Blinds out of reach are a bit difficult to operate if they are fitted with a cordless window. Opt for this lift type when you have windows where you can easily reach them to lower or raise as you please.

  • No obstruction

In case your windows are placed behind furniture or other items in the house do NOT look at cordless window blinds and shades. Every time you need to open or close them you will need to move the items placed in front of them. Those are best suited for windows without anything placed in front of them

Different Types of Cordless Window Blinds And Shades

Roller Blinds for Kitchen Windows

  • Roller Blinds for Kitchen Windows – Ideal option for kitchens are roller blinds (specifically vinyl, so you can wash off stains) wherein you can choose to install the cordless window treatments. The roller blinds fit in snugly to the windows and the cordless lift gives you ease in operation.

Norman Smart-fit Cellular Shades

  • Norman Smart-fit Cellular Shades – Cellular shades are a perfect asset that suits extreme weathers. They assist in heat gain or loss by simply capturing them between the fabric. Norman smart-fit cellular shades are an ideal combination of functionality and elegance. They fit in smartly and tightly to your windows to minimize light leakage and maximize privacy. Versatile and modern option for aesthetic appeal.

Graber Solar Shades

  • Graber Solar Shades – These are a solution in case you are seeking a window shade to protect your expensive furniture but also see out during the day. It not only reduces undesirable heat gain but also helps in diffusing light. Graber solar shades are designed to offer maximum protection from the harmful UV rays and glare. Add the cordless lift type to this style for a smoother and perfect means of operation.

Graber Roman Shades

  • Graber Roman Shades – One of the most suited products for cordless treatments are the Graber roman shades. Elegance personified with every window shade, these shades are high on quality and sophistication. Each fold highlights the craftsmanship of Graber with its limited lifetime warranty living up to its products. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms as they become the focal point of any space.

So this summer goes for cordless window blinds and shades with its added benefits. Transform your home into a beautiful haven for the entire family. Safety first is a motto that you can bring in to your home with our simple tips on choosing cordless window coverings. Talk to our experts for any more discussion that you might want to have. Or just order your free samples today.