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Let Your Pets Roam Free! The Best Pet-Friendly Window Treatments

Cordless Shades And How Do They Work

In Love With Your Pets? Know Cordless Shades And How Do They Work To Make Them Feel Safer


Anatole France once said, “Unless one has loved an animal, a part of oneself remains unawakened”. Pets complete us, our families and to a certain extent, our lives too. That unconditional love and attention with irresistible cuteness is something which a pet can give you in abundance. So, have you ever thought of reciprocating that care by adding to their safety? Allow us to introduce to one of the most deadly hazards our pets can face in our homes. They are the cords dangling from our window coverings. According to CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission— window cords are one of the top five hidden hazards in our homes. And well, they pose a considerable threat to our silent companions. Our overenthusiastic pals can get entangled in those cords and hurt themselves terribly. To save you from the trouble and the troublemakers, let us introduce to some of the most pet-friendly window treatments which are absolutely tension-free. Switch to them and ensure the safety of your pals when you are not at home.


Know Cordless Shades And How Do They Work And Can Your Pet Damage Your Window Treatments?

Pets are inquisitive creatures. They love to see things from outside as well as from inside. There are a number of ways in which they can satiate their curiosity, and if you’re not careful their curiosity may cost you an arm and a leg. To save you from the damage and prepare you beforehand, let us introduce to a couple of ways in which your furry friend can damage your window treatments:

  • Bending or Breaking the slats

To peep outside, dogs can try to wedge their faces in between two slats. On their way to force their face inside your window covering, they can either bend or break your slats. To save yourself from such a situation, try to choose a window treatment which is sturdy enough to take all the force your dog has because well, a slight bend in your slats and your blind is ruined.

  • Getting entangled in the Cords

This is the most common method of interaction between your window treatment and your pet. Animals, especially dogs, are very attracted to things which are swaying or dangling. This makes them a little too excited and they tend to make the cord their mode of entertainment. This little game sometimes ends up in entanglement which either leads to breakage of your window treatment or an injury to your pet and in worse situations, both.

  • Chewing on Slats and Tearing Fabric-Based treatments

Your pets love to chew on things! Besides chewing on your slippers and sofas, they can end up teething on your window treatments too, especially if it is a faux wood blind or a soft plastic window treatment. To save yourself some trouble, it is better to go for cordless pure wood blinds or cordless roller shades. If your pet has a thing for fabric or if you are not in a position to give your pal a regular manicure, then it is likely that your pet may end up tearing window treatments like roller shades and roman shades. In such cases, it is always better to install it way beyond your animal’s reach.


Cordless Shades And How do They Work?

What can be better than a seamless pair of Roman shades with no cords hanging from them? The modern-day shades contain a technology, with which, all you need is a gentle push to operate. A lift mechanism is installed in their headrails and bottom rails, with which, lowering and lifting becomes as good as a cake walk. Some variants contain a magic wand. Every pair of window treatment contains a manual which can easily guide you through all the operations. Usually, the wand has to be twisted or tilted to raise the slats.


Faux Wood And Real Wood Blinds


Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Both the faux woods and real woods are a commendable option when you have a pet at home. Super sturdy and durable, they are absolutely worth every single penny you spend.

Real Wood Blinds

With a smooth operational wand, your pet can freely peep out without hurting itself and spoiling the window treatment. In addition to a cordless window blind, you should also take care of the slat size. Blinds with certain slats sizes like 2-inches have wide gaps between the two slats. This is a good enough window for your furry friend.


How Do Cordless Roller Blinds Work?


Cordless Roller Blinds


A hollow tube wrapped in a stiff fabric can look very good on your windows but can be disastrous for your pet at times. For cat owners, it is very important to not go for a window treatment which rolls up and down. As you know, cats are a little too inquisitive which makes them prone to accidents.


Cellular Shades A.K.A Honeycomb Shades


Cellular Shades A.K.A Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are the jack of all trades. From providing insulation and light control to keeping your pets from any danger, they are the perfect window treatments. Their hexagonal cells keep the temperature inside the room nice and comfortable. To add to the list of their advantages, they can also reduce your electricity bills drastically. Also, it is extremely easy when it comes to their maintenance.

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