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Use These Fabulous Roman Shades To Protect Your Home

Cordless Roman Shades

Cordless Roman Shades to Protect Your Home

A lot of names crop up in mind when we ponder over modern designs and coverings for our living space. The latest trend that has swept the market entails Z-Wave shades operated through Amazon Alexa and OK Google — home friendly devices that have transformed the way we use home devices. These devices are now being synchronized with standard window treatments to give consumers a one-of-a-kind experience in managing their homes. One of the shades that have, however, captured the market for years now — whether they are motorized or not — are Roman shades.

Roman shades are a common yet in-demand window treatment solution for windows of all kinds. Their primary purpose is to block the heat, but what makes them different from other sun-blocking window treatments is that they stack up in neat folds without affecting the overall texture of the shade. When they are open, they are smooth and flat, not bumpy or ribbed that drapery or other similar blinds become.

Cordless Roman Shades

An upgraded version of the regular window treatments employed by households worldwide, the cordless window treatments can take any form. They may be motorized through remote control or by Alexa/Google Home or may employ headrails and/or bottom rails to operate them. Some may just require the assistance of your hand to function smoothly where you can adjust or tilt them to suit your requirements. They have multiple advantages, your comfort and your child’s safety being the primary of these. Besides, cordless window treatments also save a lot of space inside your windows and provide a neat and uncluttered look.

Cordless Roman shades are also the latest form of window treatments that have found a major following among different strata of society.

Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


This section is dedicated to finding out about the most famous Roman blinds and shades available at ZebraBlinds. The fabric roman shades offer the same benefits and takeaways as regular blinds, with the distinction being a more sophisticated fabric design providing a more snazzy appearance. At, you can also customize them according to your choice of color, budget and window dimensions.

Crown Roman Shades


Crown Roman Shades


Crown is well-known and has a history of providing ultimate window treatments in quality, design, and durability! Explore the ZebraBlinds collection of shades and colors that will provide a softer touch for your window treatments which will, at the same time, protect your home from glaring sunlight and privacy from intruders. Crown Roman shades are well-known for their sleek and stylish designs that will fit any home and go well against any kind of wall colors or peripherals.

The colors are available in both Premium and Designer categories, some of the popular choices being Bermuda, Captiva, Charleston, Donnington, GreekKey, Harrison Stripe, Lexi, Neptune, and Ashton.

Fresco Graber Roman Shades


Graber Roman Shades


As many other window coverings, this highlight of the premium Graber brand boasts of fabrics in both room darkening and light filtering options. While the former blocks most of the light (not 100%, allowing for a minimum amount to pass through), the light filtering shades provide a soft and luminous natural effect of the sun during the day time, while not completely compromising on your privacy.

Available in multiple control options including Standard Cord, continuous loop lift, cordless lift, and motorized lift types, these Roman shades offer the best of technology and a traditional bygone touch. The cordless and motorized lifts are best suited for homes with kids and children by eliminating the use of cords which may become faulty with time. The Fresco collection of classic Graber is a shining example of the contemporary style, perfect for decorating any home.

Artisan Highlights Roman Shades Graber

These handcrafted Roman Shades from Graber lend a soft texture with the look and feel of hanging drapes. This feature is what makes them distinctive in the arena of window shades. Roman shades come with a varied amount of styles including Hobbled Romans, flat shades, balloon Shade, looped shades, knife pleat shades as well as seamless shades. You can get these shades in different patterns and prints including stripes, solids, graphic prints, and florals. They are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, including Columbiana, Kirkwood, Newberry, Rowan Inkwell, and Augusta.

Norman Roman Shades Centerpiece


Norman Roman Shades


Operating these shades is very simple and easy, as they are available in both cordless as well as corded lifts. The continuous loop system entails a feature where there is a safety tension device, ensuring that the cords under question are absolutely safe for your home. These shades allow you to exercise complete control over the amount of light and privacy you need during different times of the day.  Some of the most famous color designs available in these shades include Lakeside Chocolate, Lakeside Milk, Taylor Butter, Taylor Slate, Windsor Pearl, and Blake Brown, among many others. You can also choose to get an accompanying valance or cornice in a similar color design to add more character to your room, uplifting its appearance and being the center of attention every time you organize a party.


Fabric Roman Shades, because of their design and amazing good looks, belong to a different class altogether. They provide more privacy and shade and better light control than regular window treatments. Boasting of a variety of colors, style, and mechanism, the sky’s the limit when you go shopping for them.

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