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Cordless Blinds – How Do They Work?

Cordless Blinds How do they work

Cordless Blinds How Do They Work?

No more sleepless nights about figuring out how cordless blinds work. Brands often only sell products without imparting helpful information to customers. At Zebra Blinds, we value keeping our customers informed right up till their blinds are installed and they are happy with its functioning. We are here to help you with all the information you ever need.

ZebraBlinds Cordless Blinds – Where Style Meets Function

ZebraBlinds – where great style meets modern, easy functionality to give you the trouble-free times of an amazing lifestyle. We guarantee you the reliability of cordless blinds, from Lift and lock to motorized wands, working them with the comfort of a gentle touch. Not only are they safe for children, but they have easier, more high-quality functionality – and undeniable style benefits. Going cordless is always worth the upgrade in style.

Going cordless will always give a cleaner, more elegant and simpler look, and looking at the benefits you will want cordless blinds everywhere in your home, not just your living room. You can motorize them as an added convenience. Always be mindful of the importance of selecting cordless window treatments.


Cordless Blinds


What are cordless blinds? Breaking it down to the simplest form!

Cordless blinds are the simplest form of controlling the light that filters into your home. They are effortless and make it easy to control heat, making your living space comfortable again, and not feeling like an oven. The elegance and simplicity just adds to the beautification of any room, without the hassles of cords and poles hanging on the sides to hamper the decor of a room. Just pull them down or roll them up to suit your needs. Going cordless is the new statement you would love to make.

Cordless Blinds How Do They Work? A Simple Trick!

Cordless Blinds have a lift mechanism that makes it easier for you to either lift them or roll them down. The mechanism is either in the headrail or the bottom rail, twisting the wand or tilting the bottom rail, depending on your choice of a cordless blind. Our cordless blinds are of the highest quality that allows you to operate them evenly with the state-of-the-art technology that is robust, smooth and reliable.

Cordless Blinds make it easier for children and elderly to operate since it is operationally so smooth and hassle-free. At ZebraBlinds, we work hard to deliver on what we commit to, which is durability and reliability.


Cordless Vertical Blinds


Some Benefits of Cordless Blinds

  • A sleek look with the absence of the cords. Cordless Blinds give you an uncluttered and clean look that will make it a pleasure to be installed in your home.
  • The proprietary design of the cordless blinds means that they will be securely held in place in your desired position and without the need for constant adjustments.
  • Cordless blinds are much safer for children and pets as there is no longer a dangling cord in which they can become entangled.
  • Cordless blinds can also be automated by installing an automated system for your window treatments. They give you added benefits along with the simplicity of manual cordless blinds. Some benefits of Automated Cordless Blinds:
  • Easy access to elevated or hard to reach windows with the touch of a button.
  • With a wireless connection and smartphone app,  you can operate certain motorized shades from anywhere in the world.
  • Connect all the blinds of your home to program them individually.
  • Simply press the automatic button and walk away, let the system do the hard work.

Cordless Venetian Blinds

Graber and Crown, leading window covering making brands, make high-grade Aluminum Venetian Blinds with latest modern styles in a large range of colors. Simple & elegant, the clean lines of aluminum blinds accentuate any home or office decor. A wide variety of patterns and styles is available to suit any environment. The horizontal slat blinds are hugely beneficial and add a great look to your living space. They can be customized to any size of your home. The working of Cordless window blinds is also hassle-free handling and operating.


Cordless Venetian Blinds


Cleaning Cordless Blinds – Making it simple

People have always wondered about the cleaning hassles of cordless blinds. It’s actually pretty simple and easy.


Easily washable with a wet cloth and added detergent or a window cleaner. Just wipe each slat gently making sure you don’t put that extra pressure.

You can also give it that extra gentle wash in the washing machine. Roll them up into a coil and place them in a pillowcase. Put them into the machine with some towels to prevent them from fraying. Give it a minimum wash and they are as good as new. Note that not all blinds are machine washable, find out about your blinds before trying this.


Cleaning Cordless Blinds


Different types of Cordless Blinds to suit your home

1. Cordless Honeycomb/Cellular shades

The unique design of the honeycomb structure provides the ultimate level of window protection. These window shades protect your indoors from sun, heat, exterior sound, cold, dust, and UV rays. The cordless honeycomb shades with the classic cordless lift are easy pull down to lower or pull up on the bottom rail to raise the shades. They can be automated and easy to operate with the touch of a button.


Cordless Cellular Shades


2. Cordless Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Durable and resistant to dust and moisture, both Wood and Faux Wood Blinds lend that warmth to any living space. They add beauty to any space and decor due to its color and look. Easily control them with the cordless button Lift & Lock™ system. Just a push of the button on the bottom rail will raise, lower, and lock your blinds in place.

3. Cordless Roman Shades

Cordless Roman Shades give the elegance feel of drapes with the added functionality of modernity. Focus on the choice of fabric and voila! You have the perfect folds rather than a cluttered lift cord. They are budget friendly with our ongoing offers for all seasons.


Cordless Roman Shades


4. Cordless Roller and Solar Shades

Cordless Roller/Solar shades give a traditional yet modern style to the sanity of any room. No bulky cords – just lower and raise them like a breeze. Enjoy enhanced sun protection for your interiors from the numerous riveting selections of fabrics ranging from light filtering to 100% blackout. Choose from a wide range of calming colors that add to the soothing effect to your living space.


Cordless Roller Shades


I hope we have answered all your questions pertaining to what are cordless blinds, to their uses, how to choose them, and the varied variety available at ZebraBlinds. Come and talk to our experts for further options. Say goodbye to the harsh sunlight with the best Cordless Blind options.

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