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Cordless Blinds – How Do They Work?

Cordless Blinds How do they work

What are Cordless Blinds?

After years of struggling with corded blinds that use cords or strings to operate, and dealing with safety hazards caused by them, the blinds and shades industry are finally doing away with them. The age-old corded blinds are being replaced by cordless ones that use battery-operated remotes or even smartphones instead. The days of running around the house, pulling on cords to open your blinds and shades are gone.

Ease of Operation
They are an effortless way of controlling your home’s privacy and lighting needs. The weather, the sunrays, outside lighting keeps changing throughout the day and so also your need to raise or lower the blinds. A simple press of a button is all it takes to make your blinds work. Transform your homes into weather-controlled heavens with the gorgeous cordless blinds.

Aesthetically Pretty
Cordless blinds are the best not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of appearance. They give a sleek, neat and elegant look to the windows. Get rid of those ugly cords dangling by the side of the windows to increase the aesthetic appeal and elegance of your rooms.

No Safety Hazards
With no cords pooling on the floor, there are zero chances of your toddlers and pets getting strangulated. Once you opt for cordless blinds there is no looking back. You will want to replace all the corded blinds in the house.

Great for Hard to Reach Windows
Motorized cordless blinds are perfect for windows that are hard to reach. A simple press of a button on your smartphone or remote is enough to raise or lower the blinds.
Motorized Skylight Window Blinds

How Cordless Blinds Work

So, now that you know what these corded blinds are, it is important to understand how they work. Cordless Blinds have a lift mechanism that makes it easier for you to either lift them or roll them down. The mechanism is either in the headrail or the bottom rail, twisting the wand or tilting the bottom rail, depending on the type of cordless blind.

Rail System
If you have cordless blinds with rails, to close down your blinds you have to give a gentle pull on the rail. If your blinds have been installed at the top of the window then the rail system will be at the bottom of your slats or shade whichever you are using. If the blinds are installed at the bottom of the window then the rail system will be located at the top of the slats.

To open the blinds you need to lift the rail up. You can open the blinds partially or completely as per your need and wish. The opening and closing of the blinds should be easy and smooth and should not encounter any resistance.

Wands or Rail to Tilt Slats
If your blinds come with a twist wand then you need to use this adjust the angle for your slats. Which direction you need to twist the wand will depend upon the brand and also the installation process. You can twist the wand in either direction see how it works. If the blinds have no twist wand then the angle of your slats can be adjusted by tilting the rail which you were using to open and close them.
Cordless Window Treatments

Motorized Blinds

Remotes or Smart Devices

If your cordless blinds are motorized then operating them is even easier than the cordless blinds that come with rail system. In this case, you will use a device to operate the blinds. Most of these blinds come with remote which will be provided to you at the time of installation. Others can be controlled through smartphones and tabs and even a smart home hub.

The controls that are provided to you must come with labeled commands to help you understand in which direction the blinds will tilt and work.

If you are controlling the blinds with smart devices you will need to download the app on your phone or tablet.
Go through the instruction manual thoroughly to understand how to set up the app and connect the blinds to the app.

Button Control
Many motorized cordless blinds come with a button that is attached to the blinds. If your remote is not with you, you can use this button to open and close your shades. You will need to press the button till the blinds reach the position you want them to. However, not all blinds come with a button.
Energy Saving Smart Shades
Schedule or Automate Your Blinds
Many of the motorized cordless blinds come with the option where you can preset their operation. If you want the blinds to close and open at certain pre-determined times of the day, you can schedule them accordingly. Automatically the blinds will open and close at those times without your physical intervention.

Cordless blinds make your life easy and hassle-free. You enjoy the morning outside view or the evening sunset and protect the privacy of your homes at night by a gentle tug or touch of your fingers.

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