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Control Your Window Blinds With A Remote – It’s That Easy!

Control Your Window Blinds With A Remote

When television was invented back in the day, people would turn it off and back on by walking over to it. There was no concept of a remote, and most people had no idea how to operate it when it came into prominence. Naturally, when they learned how to operate their TV set using one, it was seen as an ideal device. Who would then want to operate and change channels manually when you had a little rectangular device making things convenient for you? Little did anyone know that the remote would be used for just about every app after a few decades. Now it has given way to do simple tasks with the flick of a button and has made lives easier for people who wish to operate their window shades. It’s hard to imagine going back to walking up to your TV to press the remote every time you want to change the channel. In the same way, it can be hard to imagine going back to manual blinds once you have motorized ones! In this section, we discuss the various advantages of using cheap motorized shades and remote-controlled blinds, and the famous shades that have the motorized feature in them.

Importance of Remote Controlled Blinds

It had become quite irritating for me to resort to pulling cords to operate my blinds over a period of time. As I belong to an area with fluctuating temperatures, there is a constant need to change the direction of the shades. The wooden slats have to be adjusted at different angles depending on the situation. Sometimes my wife wishes to read in natural light, for which they have to be tilted at a greater angle to let the sunlight in. However, the sunlight can become a pain during scorching summers, during which time the blinds need to be shut. So the task of walking over to the shades at different times of the day was painstaking and often felt unproductive.

So we soon upgraded our shades to motorized ones at an extra cost, and it has been worth it for several reasons. This is what we are here to discuss: the various benefits associated with remote-controlled blinds.

1. Convenience and Flexibility: Possibly the greatest benefit on paper one would derive from remote-controlled shades. You have the option of operating them from a comfortable couch or a bed, besides entailing a system wherein of a single channel remote. This is possible when you have the smart Z Wave technology accompanying your motorized shades. Then you can have a smartphone-enabled setup wherein you can operate these shades from anywhere, preschedule them, decide the level at which you want to adjust them, and decide their movement through the day, all from a single place.

2. Easy Setup For Hard-To-Reach Windows: A remote is very convenient for taller windows where it may be difficult to reach the headrail unless you have a ladder or a stool to open or close your shades completely. Besides, many homeowners have skylights installed on their roofs. These are very sensitive window spaces that directly impact the temperature inside the house. So if you have extreme weather conditions outside, the windows must be secured by insulated window treatments. A cord-controlled or one-touch cordless setup is out of the question here, as you would constantly need to scramble your way using a ladder throughout the day. That is a prospect that is extremely impractical.
Motorized Skylight Blinds
3. Safety For Unsuspecting Kids: Even as many people in today’s times prefer cords in their window treatments, this setup is not very safe, especially if you have kids or pets in the house. When these cords are within your little ones’ grasp, they can twist and damage them by chewing on them and pulling at them repeatedly. This may also pose danger to their safety, as they can get strangulated or choke themselves. For the modern user, a remote-controlled setup in blinds entails extreme safety, and it also complements your modern decor elements perfectly.
Remote Controlled Blinds
4. A Sleek and Neat Appearance: In the absence of cords and loops of fabric dangling beside the shade, your window treatments will offer a rather neat and appealing look. A window treatment that looks good complements the existing decor rather well and is one the finest additions to any room. A modern decor calls for modern window treatments, where a remote-controlled setup is the preferred one.
Motorized Sheer Horizontal Shades
5. Safety From Burglars: This is something that many people who own motorized shades can identify with. Every home, no matter how secure you make it from inside, is vulnerable to burglars and prowlers who are constantly on the lookout for unoccupied apartments in the neighborhood. So when you leave your home unoccupied for a couple of days to attend a work meeting that cannot be avoided, your mind is always on the safety of your house. With the remote-controlled setup, you can leave your shades running with pre-scheduled timers, where you can set them to open, close and adjust themselves regularly. This will give the passersby the impression that someone is perpetually present inside your home.

6. A Range Of Options: The remote-controlled and motorized setup has pervaded every sphere of window treatments. Whether it is Amazon Alexa enabled treatments or operation through a simple remote, there are multiple ways to operate your motorized shades. There is also a range of different fabric types and styles: solar shades, the cellular shades, vertical blinds, aluminum blinds, Roman blinds as well as sheer shades which can all now be easily operated through remote control.
Motorized Solar Shades
7. Energy Efficiency: Modern remote-controlled shades help to control the temperature indoors by adjusting and closing themselves automatically when the need arises. They thus keep the home at room temperature, avoiding the need for you to switch on the air conditioner when you begin to feel the heat. They can be set to schedules, according to time of day, or even used in conjunction with other smart devices such as a smart thermostat.
Motorized Cellular Blinds
8. A Modern Way Of Doing Things: We are thriving in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now you can order food online and track the rider, book a cab to anywhere in the country through an app. This technology has now entered our homes, and there is no use being oblivious to it when the world is privy to new ways of doing things. When you have a setup that enables you to turn off your window blinds with simple voice instruction, why must you resort to pulling cords or using a wand to control your blinds?
Remote Control Outdoor Shades

Brands Offering Remote Controlled Shades

Now there are a variety of brands such as Graber, Hunter Douglas and Crown that are making way for the motorized setup in simplifying your tasks. It’s not as if they no longer have done away with the traditional methods of operating your shades. Based on your convenience, they offer different control options, so you could pick whichever suits you best.

Final note: Controlling your blinds with a remote is a pretty simple and easy process, and just about anyone can do it. You can not only save yourself a lot of time by resorting to motorized shades but you can also protect the little ones in your house. Since they don’t have any dangling cord lifts, they help reduce hazards in the home. They are safe, convenient, practical, functional and available in a wide variety of budget-friendly options with respect to color, design, size and type.

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