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Contemporary Window Treatment Operating Systems


Safe and Easy To Operate Control Mechanisms

Luxury is becoming a part of our everyday life. From amazing creations representing contemporary craftsmanship and design to the more conceptual projects in line to hit the market, luxury is at our fingertips. We have seen revolutionary changes in our homes as well. From gadgets that took away our daily manual work and exercises to media and mobile phones, luxury has seeped in everywhere slowly and steadily. In the USA, we can now purchase, from the comfort of our homes, the ultimate window treatments that excel in simplicity, safety, and style. Moreover, we can further customize them to meet our home requirements perfectly.



Dynamic Changes in Window Treatment

Can window treatments lag behind when there are dynamic changes taking place in home designs? Gone are the days when you had to struggle to open or close your window treatments, worry about children or pets getting entangled in the cords or be concerned about your privacy. Today, operating a window treatment is nothing more than child’s play for everyone.


Motorized -Exterior-Solar-Shades -
The motorized window treatment operating system is the ultimate and perfect solution for those hard to reach windows or large windows. The remote control operated motorized window dressings, open, close or tilt with just a touch of a button. Motorized exterior solar shades have made it possible for designers to create additional spaces  for  homes. Without motorization, controlling these shades would be nearly impossible, especially when they cover a large pool or patio areas. The electronic window shades  are controlled either with a manual switch or simple remote and they can either be battery powered or plugged into a socket. You need not even be in the vicinity of the window treatment to take complete control of all of your home’s window coverings from virtually any room and at any time.



The Latest Addition – Virtual Cord Control

The new addition to motorized window shades is the virtual cord (VC) operating system. The name reflects the similarity that this motorized platform would have with a typical corded shade you would mount on your windows previously. The package includes everything needed to control the shade and all the customer has to do is mount the Virtual Cord directly adjacent to the shade just like a manual cord. You can consider Virtual Cord as a modern version of a manual control in the virtual world of electronic interfaces.


New motorized shades featuring virtual cord control was introduced into the market by Graber in the year 2015. The new motors utilize a unique communication protocol referred to as “IO” which provides precise, reliable shade operation, and simplified programming. It provides quiet operation, clean design and allow the perfect scene to be created in every home. It is a single channel control which is provided with every motorized shade and is designed to provide basic shade operation (Up/Stop/Down) for an individual shade. The one-to-one control comes handy when troubleshooting or re-programming the shades since it can isolate the individual shade for the purpose saving time and effort.


Virtual cord, like any single-channel control SWF offers, can be paired to multiple shades if you choose, creating a “Group” for your shades. By grouping shades, you can have all the shades under the group to respond together to a command. For example, if you have three shades in the living room and you would like to always raise and lower them together, put them all on the same channel. At the press of the button, they will rise and lower together. For further convenience, make use of the multi- channel remote which can be set up to control either a single shade or multiple shades on each provided channel. For example, with a five-channel control, you could operate each of the three shades individually on channels 1, 2 & 3 and then control them all together as a group on channel 4 from a single control. If you have 3 shades in one room and 2 shades in another, you can purchase a single channel remote for first room but if you want to control the 2 shades in the other room you will need another single channel remote to do that.




Advantages of Modern Operating Systems

Convenience and comfort are the great advantages we get with motorized window treatments. You can just close all the shades from the comfort of your sofa or bed when you require privacy.

Do you often forget to close or raise your shades? Now, that is not a problem since you can time your shades to automatically rise and lower when required. If you can time the shades to let in light for you to wake up, that would work better than with a jangling alarm.
Modern window control systems provide a safe environment for your children and pets to play. It also helps you to create a great atmosphere in your home. You can change the ambiance of your home with a push of a button. You can have light streaming in for reading one minute and have a blackout for media viewing at the touch of a button. Life is easy and comfortable with innovative technology at our fingertips today.





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