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5 Things You Need To Consider Before Ordering Plantation Shutters

Decorating With Shutters Inside

Trendy Ways For Decorating with Shutters Inside – A Classic Window Treatment For Your Home


Decorating with Shutters Inside is a beautiful way to dress up your windows and make your home look extravagant. They are the intersection of beauty and versatility. They add an extreme level of sophistication to your living spaces. Shutters are praised for the excellence they show in offering the various benefits that are expected by a window treatment. They are noticed for the enhanced protection they offer, the attractive look they offer, and their ease of use.

Wooden Plantation Shutters are also environmental friendly. They do not cause harm to the environment and rather help you to do your part to encourage green living by being made of renewable materials, and by helping control the temperature of your home, reducing reliance on AC and heating.


Decorating with Shutters Inside – Greater Privacy And Light Control


These shutters are made up of the best quality wood and the sources of these wood are also maintained responsibly. For greater privacy and light control, you can close the shutters. If you want to let in the air and also allow the natural light to brighten up your room, you can keep the shutters open. Shutters are simple to use and adjust the amount of privacy you want in your room.

While choosing the plantation shutters for your home, you need to consider the following aspects:

#1. Pro’s of Shutters Simple and Easy to Operate

Plantation shutters offer a great ease and excellence in operating them. Especially when you have large windows like sliding glass doors or french doors, they stand out as the best option as they are simple to operate.

Offer Maximum Customization

As the shutters offer you the maximum customization. You can customize them the way you want them. They let you create the desired look and offer a great style to your home.

Long lasting Look and Durability

Most of the people think that shutters are a one of the major investment when it comes to interior home decor.

As the plantation shutters offer the greatest durability and ensure the long-lasting appeal, which will, in turn, help you to increase the resale value of your home.

#2. Con’s of shutters

Limited Designs

As window treatments are available in a wide range of colors, designs they give you a lot of options to choose. But, shutters are available in a very limited number of colors and designs which stands out as a con.

Cost factor

Compared to regular window treatments, shutters can be more on the expensive side. Hence they are not affordable.


Plantation shutters demand a regular cleaning to ensure quality and lost-lasting durability.

#3. Mounting options

Inside or outside mount

One thing you need to decide before installing the shutters is whether you want them inside or outside the window. But unlike the other window treatments, you can mount these shutters inside and this gives your home a beautiful look.

Custom Plantation Shutters

The inside mount plantation shutters make your home look elegant. You can actually achieve the best look for your room by decorating with shutters inside.

#4. Installation Process

How to install plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters follow a simple installation process. The following are the few steps you need to follow for a painless installation.

  • Put the pieces of the frame together. Combine the four pieces of the frame and fix them
  • Decide the mounting points of the shutters on the window and mark them with a pencil on the window frame
  • Fix up the screws by attaching the top of the window frame. Make sure that you only fix up the top of the frame as the bottom has to be left without fixing as it has to be easy to move
  • Make sure that the sections of the frame are even
  • Using hinge pins which are one of the hardware components, fix the panel to its frame
  • Adjust the frame and the panel in the right way so that they end up fixing at the right point
  • Insert the screws at the bottom of the frame and secure it properly

#5. Tilting Options

Would you like to tilt your shutters with a traditional tilt bar, or have a clearer view out with a modern hidden tilt?

When you are choosing shutters, you can also consider the tilting options they offer. You can either choose a shutter with the classic tilt bar in between or you can also choose a contemporary hidden tilt that helps you to enjoy a clearer view when the shutters are kept open.

Graber Window Coverings

  • At ZebraBlinds, we have shutters manufactured by Graber and Norman
  • Graber window coverings are known for their great quality and excellence
  • The specially manufactured wooden shutters are made up of top quality wood and they give your home the best look
  • Plantation shutters can transform any space and make it look gorgeous
  • With plantation shutters, you can either create a classic or contemporary look
  • If you install these shutters to your windows, you do not require any other interior home decorative items as they bring the beauty to your windows and to your home
  • Try installing these window treatments and see the way they transform the overall look of your home

Drapery Window Treatments

If you are inspired by these wonderful window treatments, grab them today and bring out an astounding look to your windows. These shutters are available at ZebraBlinds at the lowest prices with wonderful discounts. Shop today to avail the attractive discounts on our selected products and then free shipping to your home.

If you have any queries, then contact our design experts and get a smart and beautiful look to your room.

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