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Composite Window Blinds

Eco-Friendly Graber Traditions Composite Window Blinds

Our population and our use of the finite resources of planet Earth are growing exponentially, along with our technical ability to change the environment for good or ill.
Stephen Hawking


When you live in a fastest growing city in the USA with more than 3.6 million inhabitants, it gets scary sometimes. I don’t have anything against the place I live in, in fact, I have peacefully slept through the nights in Seattle since I was born in this city. I just love my hometown and I feel the city loves me back just as much. What scares me is the ever growing population and new buildings cropping up everywhere around. Are we really going to destroy our planet by depleting all of her resources?


In this amazing city, the economy is driven by an amalgam of older industrial companies with the newly emerging internet, technology, service design companies and many more. I belong to the older generation of people who have lived and thrived in the city. My family has been in real estate and engineering for decades. We are the people who create homes and make beautiful work environments in plain buildings.

Composite Window Blinds

I don’t know how many people know that Seattle is home to the highest LGBT populations per capita in the United States, with nearly 12.9% of its citizens estimated to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. I don’t think the number is higher in the city as people here are more open with their choices and sexuality. I have set up numerous homes and apartments for LGBT couples and I have always loved working for them. Recently, I met a couple, George and Aaron, who wanted to set up their home with resources that would be completely eco-friendly. I still recall the exact words they said, “We may not leave behind any children on this planet, but we do want it to be better for all the children out there. They do not deserve to have a drastically polluted planet with depleting resources to deal with”.

Since they planned to live together, they had bought this home in Maple Valley far away from the humdrum of city life. The home was not old and needed just a little touch up here and there and a good plan for the garden. Aaron wanted to have a small kitchen garden as well. They had this amazing set of artistic bamboo furnishing that not only created a natural ambiance in their interior but also was aesthetically very appealing. These were not some common bamboo furniture we see around, but amazing collections which had out of world appeal. The high stools, benches and other furnishings were made of bamboo poles in a variety of different sizes and colors held together by metal belts or wood works which eliminate the need for any screw or glue. George mentioned that they picked up the idea of bamboo furniture for their homes on their trip to Indonesia a few years ago.

Graber Traditions Composite Blinds


Graber Traditions Composite Blinds


I enjoyed decorating the home for this amazing couple. I put my heart to create an environment that would really go with all the furnishing they already had with them. Finally, it was time to pick up a window treatment for them. George and Aaron had some discussion regarding whether they should opt for composite blinds or natural blinds. We sat down to have a look at the options online. It did not take long for us to finalize on Graber Traditions Composite Blinds since they were perfect in every way for this nature-friendly home. The specialty of these blinds is that they are not made from real wood; they are eco-friendly, with a great visual appeal as an added bonus. They are made from recycled or waste products like sawdust, wood chips and recycled woods mixed with polymers, which brings about the pure grain finish with natural wooden texture giving out the same wooden feeling but in an eco-friendly manner. The Composite blinds from Graber are perfect for any interiors since they provide fashion along with protection everywhere, but honestly, it was spectacular in this particular home.


These blinds have composite slats which are almost as light as the real wood slats, so they’re easy to handle. The polymer slats make these blinds strong, firm, robust and moisture resistant, and they won’t warp even in humid conditions. I had no trouble installing them in the kitchens, washrooms, garage and also the tiny greenhouse Aaron wanted for the kitchen garden. They are energy efficient, protecting the indoor from outdoor heat, cold, and noise. The insulation capability of composite blinds makes it easy to maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside homes without opting for heaters or ACs.

Perfectly Suitable for The Interiors

What made these blinds perfectly suitable for the interiors was The PureGrain finish that ensured the look of natural wood grain on the slats. With each slat being different in terms of color, wood grain pattern and texture, it went well with the bamboo furnishings and other matching elements of the rooms. The slats are also passed through a UV stabilizing formulation for better colorfastness.


I picked up the perfect slat color to match the décor, and further customized the blind as per the needs of my customers. My clients were quite happy that the 2-inch slats allowed the sunlight to stream through to the indoors for fantastic illumination. The slats’ tilting option also gave them the desired level of privacy from the prying eyes of their neighbors. The SureClose steel headrail gave them the optimum blind closure option for better light control and privacy. For ease of operation and convenience, they opted for a motorized operating system for the window treatment.


When the home was finally done, I was amazed at the effect of the earthy and friendly ambiance it exuded. When I saw Aaron lovingly tending his plants in the kitchen garden, I was reminded of what Lord Byron said, “There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more”.

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