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Complete Light Cancelling Blinds for Your Home Theatre

Light Cancelling Blinds For Home Theater

Media Room Set Up with Light Cancelling Blinds

Home theatres have become a common thing many homes as people are looking for a convenient and fun space for their family and friends. Just imagine how easy it is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows from the comfort of your own home. A widescreen TV, and superb quality sound system – these three things are enough to transform any space into a media room. With proper furnishings and seating arrangements, you can create the ideal ambiance you want. But lighting is an essential factor that is often overlooked but can make or break your entertainment mood. A media room requires complete darkness because a small ray of outside light can ruin the whole ambiance.

So, when you get into the project of creating a perfect media room, make sure that you cover all light streams through the windows and doors. Not sure how? In such a scenario, light canceling blinds do an excellent job for your home theatre. Their effectiveness will optimize your viewing experience while offering other additional benefits. If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, then customize the blinds with the right fabric material and create a one of a kind experiences that you will cherish throughout the year. It’s not just about blocking light, but glare can also create a disturbance during your latest TV binge. Consider using a room darkening or blackout window treatments to keep the glare off of your screen. There is a wide variety of options available that obstructs up to 90% of incoming light and glare. Know their various features and specifications that will help you to get the best experience.

What are the Best Light Cancelling Blinds for Home Theatre?

Window specialists say that media room shades are a practical and durable choice compared to blinds and other window solutions as they are made of solid fabric material. But no matter what design you select, integrating your shade with a blackout liner will give you the best home theatre experience.

If you are planning for a movie, show, or game-watching party in the coming weekend with your friends or family members, we will help you to find out the best solution that will make you say that ‘A well-spent weekend!’

Blackout Shades for 100% Darkness

A perfect media room requires complete darkness, and nothing can beat the ability of blackout window treatments in obstructing the incoming light. These window dressings also prevent glare and outside noise in order to create a peaceful ambiance. Blackout roller and cellular shades are the ideal choices to install in media room windows.
Blackout roller blinds with their sleek and smooth designs to provide the ultimate level of darkness and privacy you need for this space. Consider outside mount during installation to prevent the light gaps, or use side channels on an inside mount.
Crown Blackout Roller Shades, Graber Lightweaves Blackout Roller Shades, Horizons Blackout Spring Roller Shades are few examples of the best light canceling roller blinds.
Blackout Roller Blinds for Media Room
• Double cell blackout shades are highly effective in creating the perfect home theatre environment. Additionally, the shades offer great insulation that keeps the space at an ideal temperature, lowering the energy costs. Available in an assortment of textures and hues that let you pick up your preferred design. These honeycomb blinds are made to fit every type of windows, including large doors, arched windows, bay windows, etc.
Crown Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shades, Portrait™ Norman Blackout Honeycomb Shades, Crown Mirage Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades – these are the best cellular shades to be installed in the media room.
Media Room Blackout Cellular Shades
• If you are obsessed with the beauty of the windows yet looking for versatility, then opt for premium roman shades that are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. With available blackout fabric liner options, these shades stop all the incoming light and glare.
For effortless control, integrate the shades with a motorized lift feature. Accessing the shades becomes easy as you can raise or lower them by simply pressing a remote button or using a smartphone. Smart technology also allows you to pre-program and schedule the blinds. Not only do they offer convenience, but these automated shades also create a safe space for your kids and pets as they do not have any dangling lift cords.
Keep in mind room darkening blinds are not the optimal choice for media rooms as they do not block out the light entirely, and that’s why blackout shades are preferred.
Explore all the blackout window coverings and make your choice now.
Note – Block Glare Without Losing Light – Many people wish to block glare while diffusing the incoming light, for example for casual TV watching during the day. Go for light filtering window treatments that will allow soft natural light to enter your home while cutting down the harsh glare.
Home Theater Blinds and Shades

Tips to Getting Complete Darkness

• Consider Installing the blinds out of the window frame for total light blockage.
Install light blockers or side-channel tracks to reduce the light leakage from the side of the window frame.
• Layer window treatments for enhanced functionality and versatility. For example, install curtain or drapery over the window shades for maximum efficiency.

Are Curtains a Great Choice for Your Media Room?

Curtains are popular for their stylish appearance, but they are functional too. Floor-length blackout curtains can be installed in your media room windows that will block out the light completely while providing energy-efficiency. You can customize these curtains according to your taste and needs.


All these amazing window solutions will help you to experience the best. Like the other things in your media room, you don’t have to pay a fortune for these window blinds. It’s merely a matter of picking up the right dressing to create a perfect home theatre that’s all your own.

Install these light blocking blinds today and be ready with your popcorn to enjoy your show!!

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