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Which is Better? A Comparison of Your Best Window Treatment Brands

A Comparison Of Your Window Treatment Brands

A Comparison of Your Modern Window Treatment Brands

We have discussed the type of Modern Window Treatments, their features, the accessories, and even the many types of material. We really haven’t discussed the many brands of window treatments and why one brand may be a better fit for you. So here it is. We will compare four brands based on their quality, environmental policies, and prices to determine whether one is truly better than the other or not.

The three well-known brands for window treatments are Graber, Norman, and Comfortex. These three are the largest manufacturers of window treatment in North America. The fourth brand I will be discussing here is a smaller retail brand called Crown. There are many other retail brands out there, and they are not all equal to each other. Retail brands tend to vary in quality and price as they are manufactured by the retailer or the retailer buys the window treatments from other manufacturers and rebrands them. Now as the explanations are done with let’s get on to the comparison list.

Best Blinds Brands

All four brands, Graber, Norman, Comfortex, and Crown offer window treatments of good quality in general. Basically, none of them are of poor quality, window treatments from any of them should last you a while without major problems. But, let’s get into the details to get our winner. Graber is the second-largest manufacturer of window treatments globally. They began in 1939 and have become synonymous with great quality for their products. The company is so sure about the quality of their window treatments that they provide a lifetime warranty. No jokes, if you have Graber products directly from Graber or one of their certified retailers the products have a limited lifetime warranty. Limited to the original defect and not the motorization parts. The warranty also does not cover damage caused by abuse, accidents, or misuse, you can read more about it at Graber’s site or here at Zebrablinds. Graber is also known for their environmental policies in their production. They have a whole section on their site listing their environmental practices some of which are: using renewable resources and building window treatments so that they act as great insulation. They also use a closed-loop water supply for cooling and even recycle their waste material in their own plant (which I thought was impressive).

Norman, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of Nien Made Enterprises, who is the largest window treatment manufacturers globally. Norman is known for their shutters and some of their more innovative products like the Smart Privacy blinds. Like Graber, this company also boasts their quality and affirms it more with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. And similar to Graber there are some restrictions such as original defect, not misuse, etc, etc. You can get the specifics from the Norman site or here at Zebrablinds (personally I like the Zebrablinds one better, just easier to understand and instantly available with a quick search). Norman also has some great environment-friendly practices such as being Green Guard, which mean their products don’t emit any harmful chemicals into the air. But, what makes Norman stand out a bit more is their detail on picking material for their shutters, and the even highlighting the type of stress joints and paints they use. They use natural wood conditioning methods to allow the wood to dry in a manner that emulates the natural environment for their slats. Then they use their patent paint on the slats to further protect the slats from damage. Their slats are less likely to warp or crack due to these practices.

Comfortex is another global manufacturer with a long history of quality and selection in the window treatment. Comfortex is probably known best for their customizations. You can get a Disney collection of their blinds that features a Disney character on the closed blinds, or even customize your shades with their Persona where you design and they print the style for you. I have to say that just their customization ability and quality of these customizations really makes me want to jump onto their side. They also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for select products with its own restrictions, which you can read up on at their site. The only thing I have seen a bit lacking is their environmental practices or at least the release of information on it. They do have EcoGreen certified shades making the shade suitable for energy conservation, and made from recycled material.

Now Crown being a  retailer brand is the youngest and more localized to just the North American region. The quality of their products is good and there is no great gap between the other three manufacturers as they are manufactured by one of the bigger companies.  Due to this, there is no general overreaching concept of Eco-friendly practices or specific information on how the products are made. The window treatments each have their own specifications clearly marked by the retailer, basically, one type of window treatment can be perfectly Eco-friendly with great practices in manufacturing and recyclable material. However, the second type of window treatment may not be as Eco-friendly. They also provide a Limited-Lifetime Warranty for all window coverings with a similar restriction to Graber, Norman, and Comfortex, which you can read up on here. So the customers are not really losing out, the consumer just needs to make sure to look through the specifications.

Now let’s take a look at the price and selections. I’m going to keep this section generalized and you may find some outliers where the price is cheaper for a brand stated to have higher prices. This is wide because each type of window treatment with their many specifications all varies in price based on sales and the specifications. In order to make this comparison simpler and not a book, I have to generalize.

Graber Custom Window Coverings

Graber and Comfortex have a large selection of customization. Norman also has a large selection, with them focusing their attention on the shutters and their latest innovations. Norman has the Smart line of window treatments that are made with patent technology to give you better privacy and easier movement of the window treatments. All three of these brands do have higher prices. Graber and Norman can be the most expensive of these with their artisan or new innovative specifications. Comfortex would be a close second in the price category, but they do provide some cheaper prices balancing them out. Crown literally has the cheapest prices in comparison. Actually, they have the cheapest prices in comparison to other retail brands as well. The customization options are a bit more limited to exactly what you will need to get fitting window treatments. They don’t have the fancier options for artisan or Disney characters; hence the prices are ridiculously cheaper.

With the above information, the clear winner in environmental policies and artisan quality would be Graber. Norman dominates in quality for their wood products and innovative technology. And I believe Comfortex is the clear winner for some of their customization capabilities. Lastly Crown is hands down the winner when it comes to the best prices for the quality. They don’t have the frills and cooler options as the other brands, but their simpler options let them keep the prices very low.  Personally, I’d say it’s really a preference thing. What you as a consumer prioritize most, each of the brands offers.

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