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Common Window Modifications To Improve Your Decor

A man upgrading his window.

Are you looking to redecorate your home? Is it time to make changes to the drab designs and get some new looks? We would like to make a suggestion on where to start- your window!

Windows are truly the gateway to the outside world for our homes. While we don’t use them to get in and out like doors, they are quite literally what provides sunshine and views into our homes. Use them as the starting point for your home decor and build your way in.

Are you looking for a colorful look, or a sophisticated one? Do you want hard lines in your design, or a soft curvy appeal? Window dressings come in all manner of shapes and colors. So whatever design you want to create, there is something for you. We would like to make a few suggestions for you so please read on.

Common Window Modifications to Improve your Decor

  • Changing the Design of the Window Itself

Windows come in many different shapes and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all way to dress them. Even more to the fact, you can further redesign the window frame itself, and you can do this with palladian window shelves. They can split your window frame horizontally, allowing you to design the top and bottom portions in different ways.

Palladian shelves are particularly useful on windows that aren’t rectangular. For example, there are many windows that have arched shaped tops and a rectangular bottom. The shelf is the perfect way to divide both sections, allowing you to dress and design them separately.

  • Building a Sharp Look with Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades come in straight lines. If your furniture comes in mostly squarish features, you can match it with an equally sharp look on your windows. Faux wood blinds are an economical option when going for this design. They capture the look and feel of real wood blinds with less cost. Color options are abundant as well, so finding something to match your furniture will not be an issue.

A slightly softer look can be used with cellular shades. They provide the same sharp lines as blinds, but with a fabric running over the windows. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, provide straight horizontal lines with fabric. It can easily be made to match the hard line on your couch, if it is built that way.

If hard lines aren’t your flavor, or if you’re looking to balance them out with a softer appeal, then look no further than curtains! They can dress windows on their own, or they can be combined with other types of window dressings. When combined with blinds, the drapes can help balance out the sharp look with curves and create a great decorative effect.

A living room window with multiple window dressings
  • Levels of Opacity

Never underestimate lighting. Like in the cinema, lighting inside your house will do wonders in effecting its looks. Light control is something that is provided by window dressings, and they provide you many options in how you do it. You can control it using different types of fabric, which can range from see-through sheer, to opaque but light filtering fabrics, to full blackout.

Blinds and curtains also allow levels of light control, as it comes down to how you control their levels of openness. Blinds especially give you multiple ways to control the light, from having the blinds fully opened or closed, to varying levels of tilt on the slats.

  • Use of Different Decor Items

There is no specific rule for choosing what to use to decorate your windows. You can experiment in many different ways, from colors to stylistic choices. Another option at your disposal is using more unconventional methods, such as using a hanging shelf to create a window garden. Windows that receive a lot of sunlight are ideal as it will allow the plants to grow.

Another way to make use of the window area is to turn it into a place for memorabilia. Items such as trophies and photo frames can be featured in this space. Mix and match things that matter to you and really personalize this area, giving your home a lovely, personal flavor.


You can take inspiration from these above ideas to make the decor choices you envision. Utilizing items such as a window shelf will really add to the window’s charm. Really personalize the decor and don’t let your home’s look become drab and boring. Add color, curves and lines, and last but not least, light into your home’s appearance.

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