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The Most Common Window Dressing Mishaps & Ways to Avoid Them

Most Common Window Dressing Mishaps and Ways to Avoid Them

Loss of Aesthetics & Functionality

When doing up your homes and deciding on the décor for your rooms, the one aspect that is often ignored or accorded little importance, is window treatment. Every room has beautiful windows and they need to be dressed up adequately and aesthetically to accentuate the beauty of the rooms and also make them functional at the same time. This means that apart from looking gorgeous and pretty these window coverings, curtains, drapes, shades or blinds must be functional to serve the purpose of your rooms. They must be able to provide privacy, filter sunlight, offer view of the outside, etc.

Most of the time not much thought or research goes into selecting these window treatments. Sometimes they are added as an after-thought; sometimes you just go with the flow and select anything that looks trendy and pretty without analyzing whether it is what your rooms need. In the process, you end up making some mistakes and these window dressing mishaps are so common that you will be amazed! Let us help you to identify these mishaps and the ways that you can avoid committing them yourselves.

Mishaps Affecting your Window Treatments

Buying Window Dressings without Measurement of Windows

One of the oft-repeated blunders that are committed is when smitten by some lovely drapery or shade, you make an impulsive purchase without taking measurement of the windows. Contrary to what most of us feel, windows have no standard size. Every home has windows that is different in size and shape. Some may be small, some may be narrow, and some may be too wide while others may be big and over-sized. The ready-made draperies and shades that are available are made for general use but there is no guarantee that they will fit your windows. Ill-fitted window dressings not only spoil the look and feel of the room, they fail to serve the purpose.

Try to curtail your impulsive tendencies. Carefully measure the windows to ensure that they look neat.

Way too Big or Not Big Enough

It is just not enough to take proper measurements of your windows. Understanding the fit needed for the windows is equally important. You want the draperies to frame your windows. Neither do you want bare wall showing nor window to be still covered when draperies are drawn open. You would not want the draperies to open flat when closed. They must fall in pleats.

Many times we come across draperies that barely cover the window in length and the hardware is fitted just above the windows. It gives a stunted look to the windows and misses out on the drama and elegance of flowing curtains. If you choose draperies you must ensure that they are nearly touching the floor. And for the best effect, the hardware must be fitted high above the windows. These make the windows look larger and more beautiful.

If you are opting for shades and blinds, many times you find them narrow fitted, barely covering the breadth of the windows. The shades should be able to cover the entire window breadth extend a little more to prevent any gaps. Unlike draperies, long shades look very poorly and sloppy.

Sacrificing Functionality for Looks
It is not uncommon to be swayed by some beautifully textured draperies or some pretty pair of shades in the market. It is like love at first sight. The minute you see them you know they will look amazing on your windows and are great for the room. But hold on. Looks and appearance are not the only things that you should be looking for. Keep in mind the importance of functionality. Have a clear idea in mind what you want your window treatments to achieve for you. Do you need energy-efficient dressings to keep rooms warm? Are you looking for complete privacy? Do you want natural light or light filtering shades? Once you are clear about what you want from your window dressings go ahead and make a choice for your windows.

Choosing Wrong Material
The material you choose for your shades and curtains go a long way in determining their longevity and functionality. For instance, you are looking for shades for your bathrooms and kitchen. You pick up a pair of beautiful wooden shades. These will perish untimely because wood cannot withstand high moisture or humidity. Or for instance, you are bowled over by delicate and classy sheer drapes and purchase them for the bedroom. This will be no less than a disaster because while sheer draperies are beautiful additions, they heavily compromise privacy. Study the requirement of each room and decide whether the material you are selecting will be able to meet the requirements and prove durable enough.

Belittling Importance of Curb Appeal
By curb appeal we generally refer to details that make houses attractive and appealing from the outside like, beautiful landscaping, pleasing house color, smart doors and windows. The fact is that curb appeal of a house is also determined by how you dress your windows and how they appear from outside. This is something that almost never crosses our minds and hence little importance is accorded to it. You have a pretty house but have one window with red curtains, another with blue shades, some with frills etc. There is no parity. When choosing window dressings take care to use similar lining for the draperies, similar sheer shade for all windows and then pair them up with some decorative draperies inside the house. This will help provide a uniform look to the windows when viewed from the outside.

Choosing Hardware that is a Mismatch

By hardware, we refer to curtains rods, hooks, finials etc. They are available in different styles and designs. But not all will look good for your windows, blend with your interior décor or match with the window dressings that you have chosen. A mismatched window treatment and hardware can spoil the entire look of the room. For instance, you have chosen a traditional décor for your home but opt for those very modern and contemporary sleek rods for the windows. The aesthetic appeal of the windows and the room is lost. The kind of hardware you choose also may not support the dressing you have selected. They may not be equipped to bear the weight and will prove to have a tragic end for your room as well as for the walls. It is important to study the requirements and the décor of your rooms. Purchase of hardware will follow this phase of analysis.

Who would have thought that dressing up windows could entail so many restrictions? Lack of awareness and understanding of the needs of the rooms and windows cause fashion disaster and also fail to function well. A harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality should be the influencing factors when you go to pick up a drapery or shade for your rooms next time.