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Comfort and Functionality – 2 in 1 with Smart Window Treatments

Comfort and Functionality - 2 in 1 with Smart Window Treatments

Technology has cut across various aspects of life, easing processes, while contributing towards a smarter living approach. Smart tech can be found everywhere changing our way of living with a simple tap or voice commands. One of these amazing contributions has been the home automation experience for helping the house owners create a smart living space for themselves. Home Automation, a system of easily accessible and networked devices working together, offers an efficient, adaptable, secure, and comfortable smart living environment. Smart technologies, found in security systems, living rooms, kitchens, and virtually everywhere in a house, make it easy to maintain a safe, convenient, and clean household. However, there is one smart device that has remarkably enhanced ease of living: smart window treatments. This creative and budget-friendly product is a perfect solution for house owners who are willing to incorporate the smart technology trend in their houses while staying on budget.

What Are Smart Window Treatments?

Smart window treatments are motorized window coverings that can be operated remotely with a smartphone app or through voice instructions via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. These smart window treatments offer you the power to lower and raise your window coverings from anywhere, whether you are on a long vacation or just going on a walk down the street. Smart window coverings are excellent for safety and security as you can create the impression that you are present at home even when you are not in town by raising and lowering your shades and blinds throughout the day. Smart window coverings can also be cost-effective as lowering and raising the blinds/shades automatically based on the position of the sun reduces the heat entering your house and cuts down on your cooling or heating costs.

Benefits Of Smart Window Treatments

  • Unparalleled Comfort: The present era is an extremely fast-paced one. So, anything that adds to your comfort and a more convenient lifestyle is always a preferred option. And, home automation as well as smart window treatments are popularly known because of the benefits that they offer. Whether it is smart home safety, smart blinds, or shades, the home automation system offers unparalleled comfort that presents you access to the most crucial areas of your house with a single touch. You can easily raise and lower your window treatments without leaving your couch or set the timings of such movements.
  • Home Security

Smart window treatments are a safe and secure window covering choice for your house relative to standard operating methods because of their automated operation. Smart blinds are entirely independent of the chains and cords that are actually used for controlling stationary window coverings. This design avoids the problem of tangles while eliminating strangling and choking hazards for kids as well as pets. Most smart blinds and shades can be pre-scheduled with a timer: raising and lowering with smart devices. This comfort can enhance the security of your house making it look as though someone is present at the house to keep away the prying eyes.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency

If improving the energy efficiency of your house is on the priorities list, then you must consider investing in smart window treatments. Why? Latest advancements in window covering technology have offered more insulative blinds and shades, enhancing the window’s thermal performance when they are closed. Smart window treatments can also be adjusted to raise and lower on a particular schedule in your absence, helping you to easily boost the energy-efficiency advantage of having lowered window coverings. Smart window treatments are available in a variety of fabrics, styles, and systems, to offer you a wide range of choices. With these available options, energy efficiency can be achieved without sacrificing your expected décor settings. With the home automation feature, your window treatment knows when to lower in the summers, thereby letting you save on cooling and heating costs.

  • Quick Protection Against Direct Exposure To Sunlight

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can make you uncomfortable while fading the flooring, artworks, and furniture over a period of time. For controlling your indoor temperature as well as secure your house décor, smart blinds and shades are a perfect solution. When natural sunlight enters your house through the windows, it can damage your flooring and furniture by washing out the brightness of the color. While traditional window coverings can bring down the fading problem, they have to be angled often for redirecting the sunlight which is a task most of them might forget to do. Smart window treatments can be set to automatically open/close during the peak time of the day while shading your house.

  • They Offer Elegance And Style To Your Decor

Outdated window coverings can ruin the look of a space. Old window blinds and shades can make a room seem dingy, cluttered, and boring. Similar to lighting or flooring, window coverings bear a great effect on the room aesthetic. Smart window treatments offer you an updated and clean look that offers transition to your house. This puts an end to the dangling or knotted strings and the cumbersome pulley systems. With the latest technology in place, now motors are quieter than before. So, no loud noise of motor will be disturbing your calm mornings. Also, the motors in the current window treatments are concealed from sight to offer silent and smart window coverings that elevate your house. Various smart window treatment options are available to offer the streamlined look you are looking for. If you want to go for a high-end vibe that lasts longer while offering your house a classic appearance, then smart window coverings are a perfect way to choose.

Bottom Line

Smart window treatments might not be the first smart product anyone would consider while planning to automate their house. Having smart window blinds/shades that open and close with voice instructions or on a certain pre-set schedule is one of the excellent ways to create an impression of us being at home, even when we are away. Smart window treatments are also an effective method of saving energy costs. Allow more amount of natural light to enter, maintain an optimum level of heat, and let the sun save you some dough.

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