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Combining Drapes and Blinds – The Best of Both Worlds

Cool breeze in Summer.

“Oh, my God, this amazing cool breeze is coming through my window and the sun is shining. I’m happy.”Liv Tyler

I am sure it is not just Liv Tyler who feels that way about the cool breeze streaming in through the window on a hot summer day. It spreads a joyful, pleasant feeling in the room which is quite different from the coolness any artificial gadget, machinery or device can provide.

Unfortunately, with the heat rapidly climbing up the barometer, we have to surrender to air conditioners to remain sane in a city like Sacramento. This is the city that holds the peculiarity of being the sunniest location on earth for three months of the year, from July through September, and can get on your nerves at times! The only consolation comes from the Delta Breeze blowing through the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta from the San Francisco Bay, which provides relief by bringing down the night temperatures. If you have a perfectly placed window, you can stand by it and feel the breeze blow on your face.

I am a nature lover and would love to take advantage of the sunlight, cool breeze, and rain as much as possible. They are blessings not to be wasted if you can utilize them. Maximizing my daylight efficiency by allowing diffused sunlight into my home has cut down on my power bills. I also enjoy the cool breeze at night without having to surrender to air conditioning all the time. But there are times when I’m forced to do so to escape the oppressive heat of summer. I do feel some drafts of hot air near my windows, which tells me that there must be gaps that are letting out the cool air from my home, making the air conditioner overwork. High up on my agenda is replacing my window treatments this summer so that I can prevent heat gain or loss from my home. I am a drapery lover, but it’s not going to be enough. I plan on combining blinds and drapery for maximum benefits and savings on energy bills.

Combination of window treatments.

Going through some home decor magazines, I was attracted to the drapery that were hung way above the window, flowing to the floor, giving the room an appearance of height and the window looked larger too. So this was going to be a part of my window treatments for sure. Graber Artisan Pleated Drapery Panels in Creams were available in vast range of fabrics, designs, and styles. The creams looked to be the best option since it complemented my existing decor with its soft and clean tones. I fell in love with its sharp and crisp French pleats. Adding to the benefits, the drapery fabrics would insulate from heat and cold. So, during the summer, maintaining a comfortable temperature in my home was a possibility.

Now, for practical purposes, I decided to opt for durable blinds for my windows. I had the option of choosing either natural wood blinds or the composite blinds. What caught my attention were the Graber Composite Blinds, which had a great visual appeal and functionality. Composite blinds could add the classic, refined look of wood blinds to my windows, especially keeping the climate of my city in mind. Designed not to warp, fade, crack, or peel, these blinds can withstand the rigorous extremities they are going to be exposed to. Perfect for high-humidity areas, I could use them in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom windows as well. They are natural and eco-friendly products made from recycled or waste products like sawdust, wood chips or recycled woods that would keep carbon footprint in check. Even though the raw materials are not wholly wood, they look and feel like it. These blinds are simple to use, and the slats are easy to clean since composite slats light. It is made stronger by polymers that also make them moisture-resistant while serving as good insulators. I could also choose to highlight my windows with color-coordinated valances, tassels, cloth tapes, cords and ladders to go with the blinds!

Now that I knew what I wanted for my windows, I chose composite blinds in the arctic white hue, which would also help in combating the summer heat. Though the idea of contrasting these blinds with bright orange drapes crossed my mind, I tossed it aside since bright contrasting colors were not my thing. I preferred my drapes to blend in with my blinds, so I went ahead with my previous choice of cream color.

Once installed, the combination of blinds and drapes gave the rooms a large, airy feel. I had been uncomfortable with the mismatched shapes of my living room windows. Now, I could create uniformity with ease. I had always complained about the low ceiling of my home, but I had no more reason to complain.  Combining blinds with draperies formed cool ambiance in my home, making every room more beautiful, attractive with graceful charm and glamor. I also had multiple options of blocking light, privacy, insulation or allowing some fresh breeze flood in my home.

Now I am not only ready for summer, but also for fog, heat waves, rain or cold winters!

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