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Combining Shades And Blinds To Make Your Room Look Even More Special

Custom Blinds And Shades

5 Unique Ideas For Combining Custom Blinds And Shades


If you want to combine Custom Blinds and Shades together and looking for design ideas then the information we will be sharing here will prove to be helpful for you. We will also look into some aspects you need to look into before moving ahead and layering blinds and shades together. So, let us explore all the details in the next few sections.


Combining Custom Blinds And Shades – Layering Window Treatments


By layering window treatments such as modern blinds and shades, you can pull together a cohesive and stylish design. Moreover, by dressing the windows in coordinating layers of window treatments you can create a look and feel that is something special yet effortless.

In this section, let us look at some ideas that will help you combine your custom blinds and shades and create the desired ambiance in a room.

Idea #1

Blend Modern Sleekness with a Stately Accent

Norman Window Fashion - Norman Faux Wood Blinds

  • Cellular shades in combination with wood blinds (like the norman faux wood blinds) will provide your windows with complete versatility
  • Cellular shades offer a range of customizable upgrades for you to choose from, while wood blinds will provide your room with a classic and stately accent

Idea #2

Create True Depth and Achieve an Elegant Look

  • By layering roman shades and blinds you will be able to create true depth and achieve an elegant look
  • Roman shades tend to leave small light gaps close to the window frame, but by addition of decorative side panels, it will become possible to create complete darkness
  • These shades will also allow you to mix and match as well as combine different styles and patterns of fabrics
  • Additionally, there is no dearth of fabrics to choose from and develop the look you want

Idea #3

Highlight Contrasting Colors

Custom Blinds And Shades - Roller Blinds

  • You will be able to create minimal impact décor by using white roller blinds since they will be able to easily blend with the color of the ceiling
  • Additionally, by using thermal blackout blinds you will be able to keep the unwanted heat and light at bay
  • You can combine these blinds with sheer shades for adding a touch of luxury
  • Moreover, these shades will contrast with rest of the elements present in a room and create a unique visual statement

Idea #4

Create a Visually Appealing Space

  • When combining custom blinds and shades together, the aim should be to maintain a symmetrical look
  • This becomes possible when the height placement for blended window treatments are taken into consideration
  • For example, the top height of blinds and shades should be kept same so that the room gets a streamlined appearance and you have a visually appealing space

Idea #5

Increase the Elegance Factor

  • How graceful the windows look mainly depends upon the fabric you choose
  • For instance, you can combine roman shades and blinds to achieve the desired effect
  • By combining custom blinds and shades you will be able to add softness, decadent folds, and layers to your window coverings
  • Additionally, you can use oversized shades that hang from ceiling to floor so that it feels like the room has a higher ceiling

In addition, you can add a blind behind the shades for creating a layered effect for your windows.

Aspects to Look Into While Combining Custom Blinds and Shades

Find the Right Style | Focus on Functionality | Try Out Fabrics at Your Home

Aspect #1

Find the Right Style

Spend some time to analyze the custom blinds and shades combination that you want to add to a room. After doing the analysis, try to answer these questions:

  • Do you like vibrant or neutral colors?
  • Are you drawn towards solids or patterns?

The answers will help you decide about the right combination that will match your expectations and enhance décor of your rooms.

A few of the other details to look into at this juncture would include:

Patterns and Colors | Width and Height

Patterns and Colors

  • You will have to check whether solids or patterns will look appropriate in a room
  • Here, you will have to remember that any type of solid colored fabrics easily coordinates with patterned furniture
  • On the other hand, if there is solid colored furniture in a room, then bold prints are the right option for such room

In addition, small patterns when used with neutral colors, tend to resemble textures when you look at them from a distance. As such, these can work with both patterned and solid colored furniture.

Width and Height

Mounting shades and blinds 4-6 inches above the window frame helps to add height, and similarly, the perception of greater width can be added to windows by extending the window treatments an extra 3-6 inches outside of the window frame of both sides.

Aspect #2

Focus on Functionality

When you are thinking about right style for your window treatments and how to use custom blinds and shades, it is necessary to take into consideration how any particular space will be used. A few things to consider in this context would include:

  • How often do you open or close the shades and blinds?
  • What type of privacy and light filtering do you require?

Light and Privacy

Modern Blinds And Shades - Light Filtering Shades

Bedrooms with wood blinds can be combined with light filtering shades (that have a blackout liner) to make sure you get proper sunlight during daytime and a comfortable sleep at night.

Aspect #3

Try Out Fabrics at Your Home First

  • Before taking the final plunge and purchasing your mix of custom blinds and shades from an online store, what you should do is try to check how the chosen fabrics will look like in a specific room
  • Examining the colors on your laptop screen will not be a match for how well you will be able to examine the fabrics in person
  • As such, you should order free swatches and see how well the fabrics for your shades and blinds will layer in your windows
  • Here, you will have to keep note of the fact that the lining and light affect the colors
  • For instance, light passing through the unlined sheer fabric is going to diffuse its color all throughout your room
  • Accordingly, you should hold up the swatches in light to see how they look

The Bottom Line

Living Room Window Treatments For Large Windows

We will conclude here with a final note that there are many options available for you to combine custom blinds and shades. By layering custom blinds and shades together, you can achieve a completely different look and further enhance the interior design of a room.

If you are looking for more design ideas, have any questions about the type of blinds or shades to choose from, need tips on layering curtains with blinds or on how to use modern window coverings for large windows, or suggestions about living room window treatments for large windows then you can give us a call on our toll-free number.

Our experts will share their knowledge and experience with you so that it becomes easier for you to select the right combination of custom blinds and shades which will look perfect on your windows. Get in touch with ZebraBlinds today at 1-866-881-8682.

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