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Combining Classic Decor with Modern Sensibility for a Unique Look

Classic decor in a living room.

Many old fashions and styles are cycled in and out of contemporary trends. Something that was once popular but phased out often receives a renaissance and a revival. Here, we would like to explore a window treatment that is making a huge comeback over the past few years- Custom Window Shutters. They are here to stay, and adorning your home with them will take them to the next level!

What is the reasoning behind this?

Window shutters will go with whatever sort of décor style you have in your home. They are ideal for any type of living area. They have a universal appeal that compliments all types of home décor. Modern homes can capture an old world appeal with shutters without themselves feeling antiquated.

Plantation shutters date back centuries ago. As far back as the Victorian era, shutters were known to grace the windows of houses. Today, having them in your house harkens back to this classical age and creates a decor theme that you can base your interior design around.

Apart from the classic style, shutters provide all the requirements you would be looking for in a modern window covering. Light control, privacy, and insulation are some of the most sought after features from blinds, shades and drapes. Shutters provide these and more!

Modern Décor

Your living room and dining room are often furnished with wooden products. Dining sets, coffee tables, side tables and even some couches have wood on them. Shutters offer you the opportunity to match this design style by adding wood decor on your windows. Even if you opt for a material like composite, you can find ways to mimic the wooden look that your home features.

This design is not limited to common living areas, you can bring it into your bedrooms as well. You can color match it to your featured bedroom pieces, like your bed’s frame, a wardrobe, and perhaps even a computer desk. Shutters really do offer you the chance to consolidate your wooden decor’s look.

Modernizing the Upkeep

Drapes, blinds, and shades can all have multi step ways of cleaning. Often one of the steps involved is the removal of the dressing and having to hand wash them or using the laundry. Shutters do away with this issue. They are directly installed onto your window’s frame, removing the need to remove and return them with every cleaning.

Shutters simply need to be dusted on a regular basis. Occasionally, you may need to wipe them down with water and cleaning solution, but this is seldom and only if heavier soiling gets on the shutters. Shutters offer peace of mind and allow you to bask in your home’s modern setting because you do not have to worry about cleaning them too often.

Stylish way to Increase Home Equity 

Our houses often serve as more than just our homes. For many, they are also an enormous investment. As with many investments, you will have to put a sizable amount of cash into it before seeing dividends. Upgrading your home’s window dressings will be the same. Putting the money into it today will be paid forward tenfold in your home’s value several years from now.

Assuming the shutters are well maintained, they will provide better equity than other window dressings because they are a permanent fixture. Installing them on your windows is akin to upgrading your flooring. They cannot simply be replaced and are therefore made with much more durable materials.

Last but not least, shutters are just simply far more presentable than other window dressings. Shutters invoke feelings of grandeur and stability. Prospective purchasers will see them on the windows and know that the home was well kept and well thought out.

Brown wood shutters in a living room.


Father time remains undefeated, is a common saying. The meaning behind it is that eventually, everything and everyone will eventually succumb to age and wear and tear. That does not mean that you should take your house and the belongings inside for granted. Some things, materials and products are simply made to last longer than others.

Shutters with the way it functions and the materials used, are meant to last the lifespan of the house. Wear and tear will occur, and the occasional maintenance may be needed for upkeep, but they are expected to have a much longer lifespan than regular blinds and shades. Their modern design also ensures that they do not age into obsolescence.

Combinable with other Window Treatments

With shutters being installed directly inside the window’s frame, you are left with the outside to mount something over them. Shutters closely resemble window blinds, being made of slats that can tilt open and close. This means that if you want to combine the window shutters with something else, you should do it with either drapery or shades.

Window Drapery are made of long and flowing fabrics that dress the front of the windows. They are normally installed as outside mounts, that is the brackets holding them up are placed on the wall above the window. The two can work together seamlessly and add a splash of color to your living room.

Another modern dressing you can combine with the shutters are shades. Like drapes, they can be mounted outside the window frame, allowing you to use them with the shutters. Modern looking shades like cellular shades and roman shades will really give a contemporary look on top of the old school appeal of the shutters. Combining the modern with the classical will give your home a true theme to aim for.

Final Thoughts 

Aging like wine is what we all want to achieve. Getting better over time is the goal of many, and shutters can provide this for your home. Age is just a number when you have these installed on your home’s windows. Your house will truly stand out as the years go on.

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