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How to Use Colour Blocking to Bring out Your Personality in Custom Drapes and Curtains

How To Use Color Blocking To Bring Out Your Personality In Custom Drapes and Curtains

Drapes, an Eternal Love Story

Some things last forever. It is heart-warming to see these things surviving the onslaughts of time and cut-throat competition. It is endearing to find them holding their ground, getting updated without losing their identity or sense of uniqueness. One such thing is curtains and drapes. The window treatment market has seen a major upheaval in the last decade or so. Blinds and shades have acquired a new dimension. They have gone the technological way and are fast getting integrated into the home automation system making them ‘smart’ shades that every homeowner wishes to possess. Despite all the furor over blinds and shades, drapes have continued to weave their magic on customers. They are a traditional yet contemporary choice of window treatment. They are classic timeless beauties that continue to enjoy a strong fan base across the world.

Drapes have a luxurious and elegant appeal that helped them charm their way into the hearts of homeowners. Those yards of silk and flowing linen or lace have never failed to add an intoxicating softness into the room. They infuse a warm glow, a regal appeal and voluminous flair to the windows and to the overall room decor. There have been so many instances where blinds and shades have been used in layered combination along with drapes because, despite all the technological advancements and ease of use, the grandeur and gorgeousness of drapes is unparalleled. You can choose from a vast collection of fabrics, designs, patterns and textures and there are endless looks you can experiment with for your drapes. There are striped curtains, polka-dotted curtains, checked curtains, solid mono-colored curtains, floral printed curtains, lace curtains and so many more. To this list we add color-blocked curtains.
Color Block Drapes

Say Bye to Patterns & Designs…

Curtains can give every room an extra oomph and drama that is needed for the room to transcend the boundaries of ordinariness into something extraordinary. But the similar patterned and designed curtains have exhausted us mentally. Those stripes and checks no longer excite us. Mono-colored solid curtains are boring as are those floral prints that seem to exist since time immemorial. Just when we thought we had exhausted all options for curtain designs along came those absolutely stunning colored-blocked ones. This new curtain style is currently trending and seems to find resonance with most homeowners.

…. and Say Hello to Color Blocking

So what is color blocking? Color blocking uses a band of color at the bottom of a neutral shaded curtain in a subtle way which helps to anchor the room. If you want your curtains to make a bolder statement you could experiment with broad stripes. Vertical color blocking is achieved by placing two differently colored panels next to each other. Color blocking can be used to create a lasting impact and with amazing effectiveness. Which color you use, will reflect your personality and tastes.

Use colors with maximum effect when customizing your color-blocked curtains. You can use just two colors or more than two colors in broad stripes. Let us take a quick look at some of the gorgeous combinations you could try for your rooms:

Orange and natural color blocks with pleats look stunning. Use an orange band at the top and natural color at the bottom and see them spin magic in a room with rustic decor style.
In a sparsely decorated room, you can experiment with white beige-colored panels. They look mesmerizing in houses with wooden floors and with countryside room decor.
If you want to create a luxurious room setting you can use velvet and linen blend custom drapery panels. For the velvet, you can choose a royal color like blue or maroon or even purple. Add the right decorative pieces and wood furniture and see the magic unfold in the room. They look enchanting.
If you are doing up your beach cottages you can use nautical navy white ocean theme white modern curtains to dress up your windows and create the perfect ambiance.
Blue White Color Block Drapery

Use Colour Blocking to Bring out Your Personality

White with shades of blues, white and grey panels, white with teal and lots of other combinations can truly have a mesmerizing impact on your room. A natural-colored panel like white or beige pairs best with a dark or even a light shaded color panel. It is the way they are being used and how the rest of the room is done up determines its impact on the surroundings. These color stripes can be at the bottom of the panel, at the top, can be used in halves from the middle and if you are using more than two colors they can appear in different combinations and styles. Color blocking says much about your personality and helps to add your personal touch to the room. They offer a welcome break from patterns and designs that have been ruling the drapery market since time eternal.