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A Step-By-Step Procedure for Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Procedures for Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood blinds are an extremely popular window treatment solution for your homes. The biggest selling point of these blinds is their affordability and wood-like finish. Real wood or natural wood is a luxurious window treatment that not many can afford, particularly if you are looking to dress up all the windows of your home.

Natural wood has an elegance and sophistication that is unparalleled and many crave for the wood-like finish for their windows to blend with their existing décor style. And the wood finish is something that goes with all décor styles. Faux wood blinds are the cheaper alternative to real wood. They are easy on the budget and known for their durability. They are also resistant to moisture and hence a popular choice for moisture-ridden rooms likes bathrooms and kitchens. All these advantages make faux wood blinds a flexible option for your homes.

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are made of a composite wood material, or PVC, that are made to look like wood blinds, with every shade in them donning a different design. They can be made into horizontal or vertical window coverings, although the former is of a more common variety.

Cleaning faux wood blinds is a simple process that is very similar to taking care of wood blinds. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure you are doing it right.

Removing Dust

Once a week you can simply dust your faux wood blinds to keep them clean and beautiful. You can also dust the blinds when you do your normal dusting in the room.

To remove dust from your faux wood blinds use a feather duster or a microfiber cloth. Close the blinds and dust on one side and then reverse the blinds to dust the opposite side.

You can even place dryer sheets over each of the slats to prevent dust from collecting.

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaners can be used to remove dust as well. For this, you need to use the attachment that is used for higher places that are hard to reach. Use the soft brush attachment to avoid damaging your blinds.
Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Removing Moisture using Moist Cloth

Faux wood blinds are known for their sturdy and tough built. As they are resistant to moisture, they are often used in bathrooms which are extremely humid. Being exposed to high humidity for a prolonged period of time can cause a layer of moisture to collect on the blinds. This poses no problems or threats to your blinds. The blinds are manufactured to survive under rough conditions. All you need to do is take a moist cloth and wipe each slat end to end and your job is done.

Cleaning Grime

Sometimes it may so happen that dust collection is more. Due to lack of time or hectic schedule, you may have missed dusting your faux wood blinds which causes a cake of dust to appear and collect on the slats. No worries as they can be removed with a bit of scrubbing.

• Take a bucket of warm water and add a teaspoon of mild soft detergent. You can also use white vinegar as it is considered to be a natural cleanser. Take a clean soft cloth, dip into the bucket of vinegar or soapy water and wring out excess water. Take caution to never use any hard detergents as they can damage your blinds beyond repair.
• Next, you need to close the slats and then run the moist soapy cloth along each slat from end to end. When you find the cloth becoming dirty, dip it back into the bucket and then wring out the water again. If there are some hard stains you need to give them a gentle scrub. Avoid using wet cloths dripping with water as they can affect the blinds in the long run.
• Clean all the slats. Once you are done, just flip the blinds to repeat the process for the reverse side.
• Once you are done with both the side use a dry cloth to give them a wipe and can even run a dry sheet to help the slats repel dust.

Deep Cleaning

You can opt for deep cleaning of your faux wood blinds once a year or if your feel that the blinds have accumulated a lot of dust and normal dusting or cleaning will not suffice. You could use mild detergents or vinegar for the deep cleaning process. Take care not to use corrosive products like bleach as they can ruin the blinds.
• To deep clean, your blinds you need to remove the blinds and spread them out on an old sheet.
• Use a vacuum to do away with the loose dust that maybe there.
• Next, you will you a similar method that you used for cleaning the grime from faux wood blinds. Use a soft clean cloth, dip it in water mixed with detergent or vinegar, wring it out and then wipe each slat from end to end. Since the blinds have been removed and laid flat you can actually scrub them well wherever needed. You have more flexibility in cleaning the slats thoroughly.
• Once you are done with your scrubbing and cleaning, wipe them dry to prevent any moisture from collecting o the slats. Put them back to the window and you are done with your deep cleaning.

Now you know how to clean and maintain your blinds safely. Most times dusting is all that is needed to keep your faux wood blinds clean. Sometimes depending upon usage, humidity or dust collection a deeper cleansing is required. Use soft hands, do not be harsh with them and they will soon be sparkling like a new pair of blinds. Make sure to check with your manufacturer for further advice before proceeding with any cleaning methods.