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How to Properly Clean Your Sheer Shades without Damaging Them

How to Clean Sheer Shades

What are Sheer Shades?

In terms of elegance and charm, there are few shades that can come anywhere close to sheer shades. The delicate soft fabric of sheer shades adds a warm glow to a room. They diffuse natural light into your space and create a truly magical ambiance. They add dimension to a room and are cable of rocking any decor style. They look stunning by themselves and you can also pair them up with some gorgeous luxurious drapes to complete the look. Sheer shades help to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun and give a gorgeous view of the outside. They are often paired with vanes which, when closed, provide much-needed privacy.

Maintaining and Cleaning Sheer Shades

They have steadily grown in popularity over the last 10 years and are the ultimate window treatment solutions for people looking for style and elegance. This elegance and style is created by delicate, gentle, and lightweight soft fabric that is used for the shades. The delicate fragile fabric has to be taken care of in the right way to prevent damage. Special care has to be taken when you want to clear the shades as a little mistake can ruin the fabric and the shades.

Cleaning Tools & Cleaning Methods

To clean your shades, you use a number of tools. But when you are cleaning sheer shades, you must ensure that only the lightest and softest material is used to dust the shades. If cleaning material is coarse or hard it will damage the fabric permanently. A feather duster or Swiffer duster is ideal for sheer shades. If such dusters are not available you can use vacuum cleaners but they need to be used in the right way. The first obvious thing to do is set the machine at a low speed. Instead of the standard brush attachment to clean the shades, you could do better to use a sock or a pantyhose over the vacuum tube. These will help to take care of your sheer shades and cause no damage. If you are using the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment or socks put over the tube, make sure that you support the fabric from behind.

Sponge & Soapy Water
Sometimes you sheer shades accumulate something more than just dust. Stains are very common and your first instinct when you see a stain is to reach out for your ‘heavy-duty’ cleaners. Never ever do this. Delicate as these fabrics are these chemicals and hard detergents will cause damage not only to your sheer fabric but also to your fabric vanes. Use sponge or microfiber cloth and warm soapy water to blot the stain.
Never ever submerge the sheer shades in water. That is probably the worst thing you could do for your shades. It can damage the internal mechanisms of the shades and ruin the fabric. You could try using masking tape and dabbing the stain and removing it completely from the fabric.
Cleaning Sheer Shades

Hair Dryer
Sheer sides can be both horizontal and vertical. The one question that is foremost in the mind of its users is how to clean between the vanes since the fabric vanes are sewn between two pieces of sheer fabric a compressed air or standard hairdryer. Remember to use only cool air for hot or warm air that could cause the fabric to discolor or get damaged.

Cleaning and maintaining your gorgeous and elegant sheer shades is no rocket science. These are little tricks and tips to remember while handling the fragile fabric. Once you have mastered them you are as good as a professional cleaner for your shades. How well you clean them and avoid damages will determine the functionality and durability of the shades. if you cause a crack or a tear the shades will not be able to perform to their best. Mishandling and rough usage over a prolonged period of time will also cause them to prematurely perish. It is not the purchase that is difficult, it is the maintenance and aftercare that determines the beauty of your stunning sheer shades as the true show stealers of your house.

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