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How to Use Classy Valances to Transform Your Windows

How To Use Classy Valances To Transform Your Windows

Windows as Focal Points

More often than not windows are the focal points of a room particularly living rooms where you have larger windows and glass doors. These rooms need window coverings not only for functionality but also to add aesthetic interest and value. The window treatments you choose must be able to pull the room together and add that little extra that can transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary and immensely appealing. Drapes, blinds and shades so a great job of efficiently blocking out light, adding insulation and preserving your privacy. But they lack drama needed to pull off the look you so want to create in the room. Valances are that ‘extra’ something, the drama you want to infuse in your rooms and to your windows.

What is Valance?

Valance is a decorative piece of fabric that is hung over a window and covers the upper part of the windows. They are a beautiful way to deck up your windows and your rooms but they can make or break your styling and you have to walk that fine line between beautiful, elegant and loud and gaudy. You can use valance to complement your window coverings and furniture or be the show-stopper for your decor. There is a wide range of fabrics, designs, colors and textures to choose from so settle for one that best suits your personality.
Classy Valances

What does Valance do for you?

Valances are essentially a decorative accessory but they do wonders for your windows. They make windows appear taller, helps to hide ugly hardware; they add depth and detail to the room and can be a critical tool in concealing architectural flaws with your windows like uneven window heights. Valances are an opportunity to display your unique personality. Opt for fun bright colors and experiment with different shapes to get the look you want. Let your creative thoughts flow without inhibitions and see the magic unfold.

How Valances Alter Look & Feel of Windows & Rooms

Valances can be of different types and shapes and you can use a mix of them for a stunning impact on your existing decor.

Flowing and wavy
If you have large windows in living rooms and family rooms you could opt for flowing and wavy valances. These valances use yards of gorgeous fabrics to drape over the window. They hang loosely from the sides and at the top. They help to soften hard edges in the room. They ooze elegance and grace and can have a long-lasting impact on visitors.

Patterned Valance vs. Solid Valances
When it comes to dressing your windows there can be no right or wrong. Everything can work depending upon your decor style and your own personality. Patterned valances can weave magic to your windows. They look smart, extremely urban and chic. You get to play with more than one color. Solid valances have a difference and elegance that is unmatched. They look stylish understated and they are always easier to match with your furniture and upholsteries. They give a neat and sleek appearance to your windows.
Decorative Window Valances
Colorful Valances
Valances need not be always sober and understated. They can be colorful and a lot of fun too. Shed your inhibitions and explore non-traditional vibrant colors like pink, purple and yellow. They will be eye-catchers in any room and impart a peppy ad lively feel to the rooms. Such valances will work beautifully in kids’ rooms which we always want to be vibrant and bright.
Colorful Window Valances
Angular Valances
These are a uniquely shaped valance that is rather structured and angular in appearance. They are square in shape and fit around the upper part of your windows. They work well in bedrooms and offices. They have a minimalist and chic appearance and do not go overboard in appearance or in the impact they create. They are quite the opposite of flowing and wavy valances but they work well in designated rooms.

Valance Style
There are many valance styles and shapes which help to give your windows and homes the magical touch you have been looking for. You can choose from any of the style depending upon you decor style:
• Cascade
• Scalloped pinched bells
• Scalloped ties
• Summerhouse
• Bordeaux
• Buttons and bells
• Soft dip
• Morracon
• Carolina
• Delaine etc.

From minimalist and urban homes to ones with a traditional, medieval, rustic or countryside decor, valances can match any style. A tailored boarded valance gives a modern look while a draped valance sits well in a traditional set up. Just pay attention to finer details, get the proportion of your windows right and remember the adage of Goldilocks: “not too small, not too big, just right!”

So if you are the bold one looking to experiment with the look of your windows and make them do more for your rooms get your creative hat on and give valances a shot. You will not be disappointed.

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