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Christmas- Time to Beautify Your Home with Latest Window Treatments

Christmas-Time-To-Beautify-Your-Home-With-Latest-Window-Treatments -

It’s the most beautiful time of the year with Christmas around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas decorations. We get our walls painted, we take out the old and replace it with the new. We get our Christmas trees and engage in friendly competition with our neighbors when decorating our houses with lights. In all the excitement, let’s not forget to add window treatments to our list. Changing our window treatments makes a huge difference and brings warmth and beauty to our homes.

Latest Window Blinds and Curtains for Christmas

Window treatments have the ability to transform your home while offering many functional benefits. They provide privacy, control light, and increase energy efficiency. Window treatments help control the amount of harmful UV rays and sunlight that enter your home. They also preserve your floors, walls, and furniture as well. Consistent exposure of the furniture, floor and other valuables to sunlight can cause them to fade.

If there exists any kind of damage in your current window treatments, go for a replacement rather than repair. Damaged window treatments not only end up looking unattractive but they also compromise the insulation of your home.

Upgrade your home with modern window treatments this Christmas

This Christmas season is the right time to upgrade your home with modern window treatments. Make your home smarter by installing smart window shades and blinds, which can connect to a smart hub to be controlled by your smartphone.

Smart Motorized Z-Wave Blinds and Shades

Smart-Motorized-Z-Wave-Blinds-and-Shades -

The biggest reason to choose automated shades is for convenience. Smart motorized Z-wave blinds and shades give you the ultimate level of comfort and convenience.

This technology makes it especially easy for you to operate blinds and shades on hard-to-reach windows. For the elderly or those with mobility issues, motorized blinds are easily controlled without any physical effort. These window treatments also provide safety to children and pets, as they don’t have any cords to get tangled up in. Smart motorized blinds and shades let you get rid of dangling cords, which are the hazards for small children.

Smart motorized shades help maintain the room temperature during winter as well as summer by not letting the outside temperature enter the room. This helps in reducing your energy usage for climate control and to save energy. With smart motorization and some clever configuration, you can have your shades adjust automatically according to the temperature or even the position of the sun.

Smart motorized shades also provide safety in other ways. If you leave town for a holiday, motorized shades can make it appear like someone is home, deterring anyone from any unsavory activities.

Motorized Blinds and Shades

Motorized-Blinds-And-Shades -

Motorized shades allow you to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button, and are especially useful for difficult to operate windows in hard to reach areas. Motorization allows you to go completely cordless. You can sit where you are and operate the window treatments with a remote. Lowering your blinds during the brightest part of the day helps in prolonging the life of your furniture, floor, and photographs.Motorized blinds and shades do not connect to a smart hub but can be used with multi-channel remotes and wifi-bridges.

Decorate your room with beautiful Drapery

Decorate-With-Beautiful-Drapery -

Drapes are a fine finish to your home. Window treatments combined with curtains look classy and are very functional, providing excellent privacy and insulation.Drapery gives a pleasant look to your home and adds an artistic tone to your Christmas decorations.

Room darkening sheer horizontal shades

Room-Darkening-Sheer-Horizontal-Shades -

We love to decorate our home with lights for Christmas. Christmas is the festival of lights and we also decorate the Christmas tree. But for the lights to glow brighter, we need to make the room darker. This actually brings the exact feel of Christmas to your home. In order to make the room darker, you can choose sheer horizontal shades. Room darkening sheer horizontal shades darken your home and help to make the decorations look brighter. These shades are highly insulating and energy efficient.

Motorized blackout roller shades

Motorized-Blackout-Roller-Shades -

Motorized blackout roller shades are also an option for room darkening. Motorized blackout roller shades reduce the level of diffused light letting in through to provide better privacy.These shades are perfect for your bedrooms as they block the light and give the hundred percentage UV-Rays protection and privacy windows to give a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

Give your home a completely new look and with a new and beautiful style this Christmas.
Change out those old shabby window treatments with modern window treatments like the smart motorized blinds and shades.Zebrablinds is coming up with exciting offers for this Christmas. We don’t want you to miss the best Christmas offers on window blinds.