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Choosing the Right Options for Your Dual Layer Blinds

Dual Layer Blinds

What is a Dual Blind?

Before we get into the options of these window blinds, first, we have to dissect what exactly makes a dual-layer blind. Dual blinds have two shades that are mounted into one. Therefore, when you install these window coverings in your room, you will notice that there is one blind in front of the other. These dual-layer coverings work independently when you lower or raise them according to your needs. As a homeowner, this gives you supreme control of incoming natural light as well as the flexibility of privacy. Imagine controlling the ambiance of your room whenever you want wherever you want. The best part is that you need not worry about your electricity bills as these window blinds are energy efficient too.

Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades

Get the advantage of the multipurpose Dual Sheer Blackout Zebra Shade. Able to provide you complete darkness or plenty of sunlight.

Something to Keep in Mind

Whenever you are installing dual-layer blinds or 2 layer roller blinds, make sure that you choose a light-filtering fabric for the front shade and a blackout material for the back of the window shade. The front shade would be used when you want to some degree of light in, while the back blackout shade allows you to block as much light as possible or get privacy when needed.

Most often you will see the front shade have a solar fabric, which allows you to see through, however, most recently you can now do a zebra sheer shade on the front along with the blackout roller shade in the back. This gives you multiple benefits, allowing you to adjust the front to make it sheer, allowing you to see through, or adjusting to make it light filtering, allowing light to filter through with mild privacy, or adjust the back shade, to provide complete privacy and blackout.
Layer Roller Shades

Benefits of Using Zebra Shades in Your Dual Layer Blinds

The alternating sheer and opaque linear bands in the zebra shades are innovative in terms of light control and privacy protection. This makes them an especially unique option for a dual shade. The benefits are as follows:
• When the bands align themselves, it offers privacy
• When the bands get shifted, they offer a diffusion of incoming natural light
• Smooth, easy alignment and operation of window fabric due to innovatively designed bottom rail
• Blend of room-darkening and translucent materials with mesh or sheer fabric that offer various degrees of openness
• Beautiful fabric choices in wide-ranging styles, textures and band sizes
• Streamlined appearance when raised for a complete outside view the shade disappears inside the headrail
• Protection of interior furnishings from harmful UV rays
• Enjoy the beautiful outdoor view via the light filtering shade
Dual Layer Sheer Shades

Advantages of Using 2 Layer Roller Blinds

Double rollers let you control your home lighting: For perfect control over light and privacy, choose these blinds. Switch to blackout for ultimate privacy and darkness in your room. These blinds enable you to have regular sleeping cycles, which in turn bring you a healthy mind and body. By alternating with sheer or sunscreen rollers, you allow incoming natural light to enter the room. The light that streams through gets diffused, and there is a softness to your room. At the same time, you get privacy during the daytime.

These blinds are excellent for room decoration: They make great decorative pieces for your home. Add a bit of softness and warmth to your interiors. There is a wide range of color combinations for you to choose from.

You’ll make your home cost-effective and eco-friendly: These blinds are energy efficient as they help save your energy bills. You can let your air conditioning rest as these shades reduce incoming heat from the sunlight. They allow you to control the temperature and lighting settings in your home. They are great for the environment as well.

Easy maintenance and daily upkeep: Cleaning roller blinds are simple. Use a damp cloth for stains and a vacuum cleaner for when dust gets accumulated over a long period. For the fabric cleaning, if you have to be heavy-handed, check the guidelines from the fabric manufacturer.

What Types of Fabric to Choose for Your Rooms

Bedrooms: Blackout rollers are ideal for bedrooms. Blackout fabrics offer privacy and light blocking during the night or the day. When these blinds are pulled down, you can enjoy loads of privacy in the bedroom.
Kitchens: Solar and sheer fabrics are ideal for kitchen windows. They allow light to brighten the space and allow you a view outside to keep the room more open. Go for moisture-resistant fabrics if the window is near the sink.
Living Rooms: A combination of blackout and light-filtering fabrics are popular with homeowners. During the day, the light filtering option is used, and at night the blackout roller option is used. Both will help to reduce glare while allowing you to adjust for different light and privacy settings throughout the day.
Offices: Sunscreen roller coverings are ideal for office windows. They reduce light, sun glare, and heat during the daytime. Blackout roller shadings are suitable for conference rooms where light reduction is required.
Bathrooms: Water-resistant materials with blackout fabrics are ideal for the bathroom. You can also use light filtering rollers as they provide both privacy and light.
Zebra Dual Sheer Shades

Where Else Can Dual Blinds Be Used?

These kinds of window blinds can offer complete control of incoming light for the following places:

• Auditoriums
• Schools
• Home theaters
• Meeting areas
• Conference areas
• Hotel rooms
• Or any other room that needs zero incoming light

Motorized Dual Shadings

For commercial spaces, it is always best to use motorized window coverings. It is super convenient and time-effective. Simple operation and sleek to look at, these dual shades give superb light control and privacy settings for those important meetings and business transactions. They last long as well because the window fabric does not get damaged easily.
Motorized Dual Shades

Give Your Home a Sleek, Chic Makeover

If nothing works out and you aren’t sure what to choose for options regarding these blinds, then go for Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades. These are the dual shades with a zebra sheer shade in the front, and blackout roller in the back. This allows you to have sheer, light-filtering, or blackout whenever you want, giving you the whole spectrum of light control and privacy options, and the most versatility. So, give those living spaces a sleek, chic makeover.