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Choosing Norman 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds

Norman Window Fashions- Norman Faux Wood Blinds

3 Reasons to Choose Norman 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds are a perfect option in case you love the comfort of wood. These imitation blinds offer the look and attractiveness of real wood. Faux wood blinds are typically made from composite wood or PVC/ Vinyl which make them durable, easy to maintain an ideal heat-blocking window blind. They do not warp, crack, or fade time, making them highly suitable for humid spots. They are designed to work well in rooms/ areas that need to stand up to excessive moisture like the kitchen, dining areas, coastal areas or Southern regions of the US. They are also ideal for high traffic areas like kids rooms, activity areas or common areas

How do Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Work?

  • Easy to clean and low on maintenance

  • Available in a range of solid and wood grain colors for a distinctive look and cheerful charm

  • The high-quality construction of Faux wood blinds means you will enjoy them for years to come

  • An economical choice for homemakers working on a tight budget to reach their interior design goals

Why Choose Norman 2 ½” Faux Wood Blinds?

Norman comes with a lot of advantages over other brands. The brand’s equity has been built on quality and style. They deliver the same craftsmanship, fashion and value on all their products. Durability and reliability are intrinsic to this brand’s products. So why settle for less when you can receive the best performance and protect your investment by choosing the right brand for your window treatments. Choose Norman!

Norman 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds

Let us explore some reasons to go in for Norman 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds;

  • Smart privacy feature

Norman Window Fashions - Norman 2 1/2" Faux Wood Blinds

Norman 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds come with Smart Privacy feature for maximum privacy. The Smart Privacy slats set them apart from other faux wood blinds giving you perfect slat alignment and tighter, flatter closure of the blinds. Hence ensuring less light leakage between slats. Norman 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds have smaller holes which get concealed when the blinds are closed thereby preventing slats from moving and providing tighter closure and better light control. The tighter and flatter the slats the better it is in the long haul. After all, it’s the Norman technology that gives you the added advantage.

  • Safety features

  • The Patented Insta-Lock technology of Norman locks the blind at any position at any angle hence ensuring the blinds don’t roll down even with the slightest of tugs
  • The slats are warmly snug into the blinds which ensures they do not come away easily
  • Patented cord release device ensures safety for kids, pets and the elderly at home
  • All the Norman products are lead-free, V.O.C free without any harmful chemicals ensuring the safety of your family first
  • Does not warp or crack easily hence ensuring they are not harmful to naughty kids who need to be kept at bay
  • Norman warranty feature

All Norman products come with Lifetime Limited Warranty which means that if you are following the product maintenance guidelines and yet have a wear and tear, the brand will gladly service your product.

  • For easy maintenance of blinds ensure to use a clean, dry feature duster to gently remove dust and debris
  • Alternately you can also use the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner
  • For a thorough cleaning of the slats, wipe them in the open and closed positions
  • Do not use water or chemical solvents. This could very easily lead to warping and discoloration of the faux wood blinds
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is definitely not recommended
  • Ensure to use soft cotton cloth, polyester cloth might leave scratches if rubbed hard or create static that can attract dust

Norman 2 ½” Faux Wood Blinds are available in a wide range of solid and wood grain colors that lend a warm and appealing character to any room. Choose light colors that add a chirpy charisma to your kitchen or living room while dark colors create a thorough atmosphere in a study or den. They aren’t just about being classy; they make for the great view in any room


Available in both 2” and 2 ½” slats, both products offer benefits to your space that no other brand can offer. Norman 2 ½” faux wooden blinds offer traditional elegance with classical styling. You sure don’t want to spend a fortune while dressing up your precious rooms. With alluring benefits and elegance that comes in a budget, Norman 2 ½” faux wood blinds are any homemakers dream come true.

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