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Winter to Spring – Choose the Right Window Treatments

Right Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments for Winter to Spring



There are four major seasons: spring, autumn, winter, and summer. While in many countries, other seasons also include monsoon, spring and winter are observed in almost all of the places of the world. Winter is considered as the coldest season among all the four seasons and is connected with rain, snow, hail and other severe cold happenings. Spring is associated with greenery, flowers etc. maintaining a temperate weather. Winter is almost at an end. The fragrance of spring is in the air as the spring breeze arrives in through open windows. We can look forward to the feast that nature is going to give our five senses and help prepare our homes to take advantage of the changing seasons.

The warmer months from spring and summer commonly bring on the heat and intense sun rays. Window treatments help stop the sun’s rays to keep the heat outside and shield your furniture and valuables from fading out. Outdoor shades serve their best at blocking UV rays from entering your home while contributing daytime privacy. During the hotter months, ensure that you install light-filtering blinds and shades especially on windows facing the south and windows with direct sunlight. Keep them closed or lowered during the hot hours — generally, 10 am to 4 pm. For the places like bathrooms or homes located in wet areas, look for window coverings that are also moisture resistant.

To endure the best that the future seasons have to give us, we need to take a fresh look at our windows and the coverings that embellish them. For windows facing east or west, straight in the path of the sun, think of Roman Shades. These shades can be a great choice for the season of spring as they offer many benefits that are required for the springtime.


Types of Roman Blinds and Shades

Types of Roman Blinds and Shades


Roman shades are known for their folding design, and the possibilities they offer are endless. When these shades are completely down, they appear as a flowing piece of fabric. Roman shades vary from other varieties of window treatments as they are designed to fold into beautiful pleats when the shades are raised. These folds have a unique quality to them that draws attention to your windows.

Roman shades give your interior protection and privacy from the spring sun. Roman shades are generally made of fabric. Roman shades made of silk, cotton, hemp and linen are all standard. Unlike any other type of window design, synthetic material is also widely used for making Roman shades. The wide choice of material gives Roman shades the versatility needed to fit into a variety of interior design schemes concerning color, texture, and utility. Transparent material like silk and cotton hold properties to filter the appropriate amount of light and keep a room well lit and cool in summer with open windows.

Roman Window Blinds are also available with liners to provide insulation and block out the outside light. Most popular shade mounting accessories fit well with Roman shades. You can go for a traditional or ornamental look to match the overall style of your decor, making these highly customizable shades the right choice for the season of spring.

Best Motorized Blinds

Best Motorized Blinds


In order to experience the greatest level of convenience, choose the best-motorized blinds as they are easy to operate. Motorized Window Treatments adds a luxury to your home. They provide you an easy access to your window treatments with the touch of a button.

You can choose motorized shades for your home as they keep your kids and pets safe by having no cords hanging around. These are especially useful in hard to reach areas; you can choose these window treatments for smooth and effortless operation.


Smart Window Shades

Smart Window Shades


Home automation has become a crucial part of interior design and decor.

These shades are just like the motorized shades but the only difference is that they allow you to operate them through your own smartphone. Smart Window Shades communicate using Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave is just the name given to the radio frequency network which the smart home enabled systems to utilize to interact with the user.

Smart Home Blinds provide energy efficiency, control, and sophistication all in one. You can upgrade your home by bringing these wonderful window treatments to your home.

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