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Window Blinds That You Can Install in Your Kids’ Bedrooms Without Worrying for Their Safety

Child Safe Cordless Shades And Blinds

Worried About Safety? Child Safe Cordless Shades and Blinds


As parents, we often worry about our kids’ safety. We want them to just be themselves and be able to enjoy and have fun without being hurt or face inconvenience in any way. Naturally, if you have a kid at home, you would want to create an environment where there are no dangerous objects lying casually within their reach.

However, sometimes we can become careless and do not think the situation through. Sometimes the most innocuous things can prove to be dangerous to them. Case in point: corded blinds. If you have traditional window blinds that are operated by way of a continuous loop system, the cords may very well be within reach of your kids. They might unsuspectingly pull it and damage it in the process. Worse, they run the risk of strangulation when playing with or chewing on it.

Although these are worst-case scenarios, it’s hard to be 100% certain about their safety when you have corded blinds. In this section, we discuss child proof blinds that you can install in your kids’ bedroom without any worry.


Child Safe Cordless Shades and Blinds


Child Safe Cordless Shades and Blinds


Your kid should play and roam around the house freely without any worry of hazards. To ensure your child’s safety and your peace of mind when you are not at home, you must go for shades with cordless or motorized features. In the absence of cords, the shades do not run the risk of being damaged and their long life is ensured.

These are some of the best child-safe cordless shades and blinds that come in a variety of shapes, designs, and features. Choose the one that is best suited to be put up in your child’s bedroom.


1) Aluminum One Touch Blinds


Aluminum One Touch Blinds


You get all the practical benefits of installing blinds by choosing to go for these sleek window blinds that will look great on any window coverings. Durable and cost-effective, they are sure to last long with minimum maintenance. Once they are installed, you need not worry about their shelf life as they are going to withstand the effects of moisture, heat, dust, and dirt for years and years to come.

These are great options for your children’s bedrooms and for giving them a beautiful and classy appearance. When you want, you can tilt their slats and let a decent amount of sunlight when the sun is shining bright and let your child bask in the natural light. When you want to ensure they sleep soundly, you can shut them to darken the room. As there are no holes or crevices through which light can pass through, they will give a complete room darkening effect when the blinds are closed.

These blinds are available in 1-inch slats. The slim and sleek look give them a modern and sophisticated appeal. Available in colors such as Black, Bone, Brown, Brushed Aluminum and Soft Gold, they are great looking, safe and simple to use.


2) Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades: Effective and Exemplary


Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades


Perfect to be used as contemporary window coverings, light filtering cellular shades are very cheap and stylish window coverings that are bound to impress all. These blinds are brought to you by Crown, one of the leading names in the arena of window treatments.

Cellular shades are known to come in a variety of fabrics of good quality. The single cell shades are light filtering ones which employ only a single piece of fabric, while the double cell shades are known to employ two layers of cells for added insulation. The light filtering cordless cellular shades have fabrics made from polyester that have a lightly textured appearance that ensures effective light diffusing. With their cordless feature, they are very easy to use and operate. In the absence of a cord, they are safe to use and can be set up anywhere, including your kids’ bedroom.

The shades can be controlled by the bottom rail, while the headrail helps to conceal the hardware that comes with the shades. These shades boast of a crisp and textured appearance, and their fabulous and uncluttered design prevents them from decaying.


3) Natural Woven Wood Blinds: Sleek and Inimitable


Natural Woven Wood Blinds


The woven wood natural blinds are brought to you by Crown, one of the best brands providing effective and good-quality window treatments. These blinds are no exception, and provide a seamless and pleasant look that is sure to find fervor with even the staunchest of critics!

These shades raise evenly and fold into even and neat folds when they are pulled all the way up or mid-way. This gives them a smooth and easy-on-the-eyes look. Setting them up is a very simple and natural process, and anyone who has any minor experience of handling them can install or remove them as and when required. Owing to their soft and natural fabric, they also do not pose any problems at the time they are being cleaned. They can simply be cleaned by way of dusting or vacuuming.


4) Motorized Roller Shades: Best Blackout Shades for Bedroom


Motorized Blackout Roller Shades


Roller or solar shades can be a boon to any home that experiences hot weather in most months of the year. Staying in a coastal home or a home that is not surrounded by enough trees to provide a decent amount of shade can be very uncomfortable. In such a scenario, there is a major need of getting the right window treatment that can provide absolute protection. Besides the heat, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can have a lot of detrimental effects on your health and state of well-being. But if you have roller shades installed in your home, you can bid your worries goodbye.

Motorized blackout roller shades are the perfect choice in any home, being the best blackout shades for your bedroom. They create the perfect room darkening look inside, where you will be oblivious of the outside temperature. With the motorized feature, you can operate them by simply pressing the button.

If you have kids or pets inside, then you need not worry about their safety, as these shades do not have a cord on which they can strangle themselves in a worst-case scenario. Highly efficient and easy to operate and control, these shades can be regularly cleaned without any hassle and give a contemporary look which can go well in any kind of home. As they are also great in reducing glare, you can comfortably watch TV without worrying about the outside light ruining your experience. They are also available in a myriad of colors, including beige, black, cream, coffee and ivory.

There’s no doubt that safety of your loved ones should be your prime concern while shopping for window blinds. And when you have additional features such as light control, privacy, attractiveness, and durability, it is like an icing on the cake. The names provided in the list have all the features that you expect ineffective window treatments. So what are you waiting for? Choose your pick and go shopping!

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