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Ensure Safety for Your Kids Bedroom by Securing Your Windows

Child Safe Blinds and Shades

Child Safe Blinds – Ensure Safety for Your Kids

One area that we can simply not compromise on when getting our house constructed or refurbished is its security. We may beautify it all we want, get expensive rugs, beds, a coveted television set up or a sound system, but if our home is at the mercy of outside elements, there’s no point of it all!

A threat to security may come in the form of harsh weather conditions, especially when the blinds are not sturdy enough or, even worse, if the windows have no blinds. Another threat may come in the form of burglars and intruders who have somehow discovered your home’s inoccupancy when you’re out working or on a vacation. The thought can be scary, especially when you have kids in the house.

At other times, often our children’s curiosity is also their own danger. When you have cords attached that are within the access of kids, they may hurt themselves in the process, or twist the loops out of shape.

The idea is not to create panic, but to take enough precautionary measures so that you don’t have to worry later. This section is dedicated to securing your windows by several tried and tested (as well as new) ways to keep nosy neighbors at bay as well as to create an atmosphere that in no way is hazardous for your tiny tots. Read further to get the necessary tips for home protection.

Get Child Safe Blinds

When we are talking about child proof blinds, here are a few options that you can go for without having to worry about your kid’s well-being.

Cordless Blinds or Shades


Child Safe Blinds - Cordless Window Treatments


As discussed, when you have a beaded or plain cord dangling in front of the window, it may pose a serious danger to your little one, especially when it is within reach. Your kid may crawl its way to the blind, chew on it, twist it beyond repair or can even seriously harm themselves, especially when not being watched. Being with your kid 24/7 is out of the question, as you may other things to do. Instead, go for cordless shades or blinds that can be easily installed in your home. Cordless blinds are available in the following styles:


  • Motorized controls: These are the new in-thing in window treatments. Here you can control the movement of your blinds, open or shut them and time them by the use of a remote control or by having a smart hub installed in your home. In the method involving the latter, you can make use of Z-Wave technology. This requires the use of Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Echo, modern gadgets whom you can give voice instructions to run home appliances.


  • Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades: These style of shades can be adjusted at any level to customize the level of light and privacy you need, pulled up from the bottom or down from the top. No cords or motorized controls are needed for these, but they can still be effortlessly operated without any major manual work involved. These are completely child safe and secure.


  • Wand Control: They can be used to adjust or tilt the level of blinds. They are not used with every kind of blind but are good alternatives to cords for Venetian blinds, especially ones made of faux wood or wood.

Blinds for Hard-to-Reach Windows


Z wave Window Shades


Taller windows, even with cord control, are often out of reach of children, making them safer to use in kids bedrooms. When covered with effective curtains or blinds with insulation properties, they are great options to ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep.

Hard-to-reach blinds may be operated through a remote or Z Wave-enabled shades. Once you have them set up, they are a prime example of modern treatments to enable a consistent home décor.

Honeycomb shades, roller shades or Roman shades can be quite effectively installed in such windows. A good example of hard-to-reach windows are skylights, which serve to enhance the curb appeal of your house.

Crack and Moisture-Resistant Blinds

Superior and sturdy material in blinds ensures that they remain free of disruptions caused by summer, rainy or winter months. They last longer than most other blinds, so it’s better to choose them over options that are luxurious and beautiful but won’t last beyond a few years.

These sturdy coverings are a must for your kids’ bedrooms because they need to withstand any possible rough handling or spills and messiness that can happen with kids, otherwise, you will keep your interiors at the mercy of the heat and cold.

This is why we recommend 1-inch Aluminum blinds by Crown for this purpose. Their strong material and tilt mechanism ensure there is maximum privacy in the bedroom. If you go for privacy slats, they won’t have any holes through which light and heat can pass through. The slats are polyester-coated, also enabling moisture-resistant, dirt resistant and fire retardant features. They can be easily cleaned, so you get maximum benefits out of minimum maintenance.

You may also consider 1-inch Designer Vinyl Blinds that you can shop for at ZebraBlinds. They boast of a superb combination of a headrail and a steel bottom rail made of top-notch quality and a solid and visible appealing color coordination. Lending an elegant look for your windows, they can be installed easily and effortlessly. These are available in a wide variety of colors including Cornflower Blue, Light Gray, Bronze, Alabaster, Mauve, Wheat, and Hunter Green.

The good-old faux wood blinds by Graber are reliable and a great option that many homeowners swear by. Coming at rather reasonable prices and made of thick PVC or composite wood material, they have thick slats that ensure a dark indoor environment for your kids to sleep in peacefully. At the same time, they provide maximum protection against intruders.

Centralized Home Security

To ensure that your home, especially your kids’ bedroom, is absolutely safe, merely installing blinds may sometimes not be enough. What you need is an automated home security system to ensure maximum security. With Z-wave shades, you can automate them to operate when you aren’t home, or on a schedule so that your home appears occupied. You can also connect them to other Z-wave devices through a smart hub, such as Z-wave home security devices.

Having kids at home is a responsibility. This responsibility involves keeping them well-protected and safe at all times. While it is easier said than done, for you cannot supervise them round the clock, there are certain precautionary measures you can take when they are home. Keeping your blinds cordless and motorized while ensuring your home has a centralized security system are just a few things you can do.

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