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How You Can Make Your Smart Home Work for You

Cheap Motorized Shades

Cheap Motorized Shades for Smart Homes

Smart homes are the pinnacle of convenience. From aesthetics to security, technology now enables our homes to serve our needs better than ever. When starting with automating one’s home, we need to start at the very base: Security.



Motorized Window Blinds


A house is at its most vulnerable when nobody’s home. An effective way to deter anyone from even considering robbing from your home is to make it look like you never left in the first place. Automated blinds or even cheap motorized blinds attached to a timer can make your home look like it is not vacant, thus discouraging any potential break-ins. And should that fail, make sure you have an alarm system that will alert yourself as well as the police as soon as the home is broken into. Timed lights coupled with blinds also work as an effective deterrent.


Someday, physically using cords or buttons to control blinds will be a thing of the past. But until then, timed lighting and blinds will have to do the job. Cheap motorized shades coupled with Graber plantation shutters are an excellent combination to control the light in your living room. You can even set timers on the blinds in your bedroom to let the sun in to wake you up in the morning. And if it’s a weekend, it is possible to time the smart blinds to keep the sun out and let you sleep in for the day. Timed with smart lights, cheap motorized blinds can make sure you keep the lighting at your home at optimal levels.

Temperature Control and Energy Saving!


Remote Motorized Shades


It is well known that blinds save energy, but smart cheap motorized blinds are even better at temperature control. Different types of blinds can offer varying degrees of temperature control. For example, Ultimate blackout shades definitely offer better temperature control than Graber sheer vertical blinds. Coupled with a smart home climate control system, you can keep your home the temperature you want with a good set of cheap motorized shades.

It isn’t Just the Windows Either! What Else Makes for a Great Smart Home?

There’s much more to smart homes than just blinds and with what our phones can do today, the only thing we seemingly can’t do is make our home stand up and walk somewhere else. Here are a few more bells and whistles that smart homes come with apart from cheap motorized shades.

  • Motion detectors are a valuable addition to smart homes. The right switches can turn on lights, open blinds, and even control your air conditioner. But of course the “smart aspect of the home doesn’t just end there, even garage doors and gates can use motion sensors to let the right vehicles through.
  • Smart security isn’t limited to just light timings. If you have a full smart home setup and tied it to your phone, you can check your home’s state using your phone no matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection and some smart security cameras. With smart security, you just need to push a button to let someone into the house or call the authorities for your protection! Even smart privacy blinds like the ultimate blackout shades or Graber pleated shades will keep your home safe from prying eyes.
  • If you want your home to be pretty smart, then why leave out your car? A proper smart car will send updates to your phone if someone drives it out without your knowledge.
  • Smart home entertainment has been a popular fad for decades. But the latest in wireless technology fits the current era most appropriately. The cast shows from your phone or uses your voice-operated music player. You even have a device dedicated to buying you things online and playing you your favorite tunes.
  • Smart food is less about smart food and more about products like smart refrigerators or high tech growing processes. Few things show our dedication to smart home technology than a refrigerator that’s got the latest in food preservation technology.
  • Universal remotes are much more universal now instead of just controlling your media devices. The right device can let you link everything to your smartphone. So yes, you can use your phone to lower the volume on a TV while and then close your Graber pleated shades right before you take a leisurely nap.
  • Even Cleaning no longer acts as a difficult task for us. Now we can get our homes clean while we’re driving to work, out having lunch, taking the wife out to dinner, or even if you’re on vacation with the family. The proper smart Roomba will keep your home clean regardless as long as you want it to, but of course, you’ll still need to take the Graber lightweaves roller shade (in many colors) off the wall before it can be cleaned.


So in Conclusion

Smart homes are one of the best ideas to have, especially if one has a sufficient budget. All these features at once may seem pretty pricey, but if you’re working off a budget then we suggest you try some cheap motorized blinds to start off the automation of your home. And if you think you’ll have to give up aesthetics for “smart” appliances, then just take a look at the Graber lightweaves roller shades colors, you’ll notice a lot of those colors are available in cheap motorized shades as well.

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