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How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Roman Shades

Cheap Custom Roman Shades

How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Roman Shades

Modern homes demand modern products and services, and there is a high demand for the big players in the market to deliver these services to make things all the more convenient and easy for users across the globe, as the race of surging ahead in a cut-throat competitive world is huge. This competition also extends to the arena of window treatments, where big players such as Hunter Douglas, Graber, Crown and Norman jostle for space and attention.

A thing common to all these brands is delivering quality of the highest order through modern window treatments with multiple features to write home about. The more advanced the feature at reasonable costs, the higher the chances of the product selling fast! Customers are diverse, the demographics is huge and needs vary. However, nothing will stop a good shade or blind to find its admirers when the quality is top-notch and it delivers what it promises. 

Out of the many window treatments available online and in physical stores, a few blinds such as honeycomb blinds, roller shades, traditional drapery, Venetian blinds and shutters are among the most popular kind. Another kind of blinds that have been in vogue since the Victorian era is the Roman blinds. And why not? With fabulous construction, design and make, and availability in a number of colors to suit different tastes, Roman shades are go-to window coverings for just about everyone.


Cheap Custom Roman Shades

Roman shades are wonderful and breathtaking window coverings that can increase the beauty of your home manifold, provided you choose just the perfect Roman shades that complement and magnify the beauty of the house instead of having a reverse effect. For this effect, you need to go for some affordable/cheap custom Roman shades that can be fit to order according to the size of your windows and textures, materials and colors of your choice. The Artisan Elegance collection of Graber is known for its rich colors and smooth and soft drapes of fabric that are ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and the like.

These shades are available in light filtering as well as room darkening fabrics that are available in both corded and cordless options.


How to Clean Roman Shades to Ensure Their Longevity

For window treatments as well as essential and miscellaneous items in your house, cleanliness is an important aspect that just cannot be ignored. You must have observed that any portion of your bed or any ignored item placed in a corner of the house develops stains and is covered in dirt that is hard to clean even after repeated washes and wiping off a cloth, and ultimately that stain becomes a permanent part of it. 

However, this can be avoided if you know how to clean your items properly. Window shades must not be ignored at any cost, for if you don’t pay attention to them, they may develop cracks and stains that affect their durability.

Maintaining them is no rocket science. The only thing needed is you shouldn’t be too lazy to even bother giving them a minor wash. Regular cleaning of Roman shades will not just remove items such as pet hair, dust and allergens but will also lead to a cleaner and purified air. Just follow the simple steps as mentioned below.


1) Vacuuming every week

Ensure you have a ready and operational vacuum cleaner, and test how well it works before starting to use it. Use it to do away with dirt inside the folds and behind the shades. You can also use it more frequently in case you live in an area that is dry and dusty.

 Vacuuming Roman Shades

2) Dust Them Weekly

When your shades have decorative needlework or other intricate design on them, use a feather duster (preferably) to clean them once a week. This will ensure that dust does not collect over time. Alternatively, you can also spray the duster with a dust repellent to keep the dirt and small particles from clinging to the blinds. When the fabrics are non-washable (if mentioned on the manufacturer’s instruction manual), you can apply an upholstery cleaner.

 Dusting Roman Shades

3) Immediately Remove Stains and Spills

Do not allow the stains and spots to remain on the fabrics as they may become permanent if not tended to immediately. Club soda will come in handy when applied on the stain not longer after its formation.

 Easy Cleaning Roman Shades

4) Use Your Washing Machine 

Before following this step, you must properly ensure if the shades are machine-washable. Otherwise, this procedure may rid them off their color and make them appear dull and lifeless. It’s better to use a liquid laundry detergent as the detergent powder may leave some residue in case they are not washed properly. Once the procedure is complete, roll them in a towel to press out extra water. Pull them out to dry afterward.


5) Dry-Cleaning

There are materials such as silk, linen, and wool that should be kept away as far as possible from water. Once a year or so, they should be sent to a dry cleaner for giving them a nice refurbish. Do not shy away from this procedure, as even though it may be a little costlier than cleaning them at home, it makes them look as new and fresh as ever.

Dry Cleaning Roman Shades

Despite the multiple procedures available for cleaning and maintaining Roman shades, it is your responsibility as an owner to not be careless when operating these shades. Do not force them open if they feel stuck. Keep small children and pets away from the hem, and before taking any uncalled for or hasty step when they are not working properly, it’s always a better idea to contact a professional. After all, prevention is better than cure!

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