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Change your Window Dressing with Little Expense!


Blinds, Shades and Drapes within your Budget.

Remember that lovely sunny morning when you walked into your living room and there came a blinding flash of sunlight, glaring through those huge bare windows causing everything to go blank for a moment! And it was the beginning of a bad day, your eyes, and head aching from the blinding effect of the gloriously shining sun. And you notice how bare your windows are, how pale and modest they make your interiors look! Don’t you think it’s time to get some vigor into your home, bring in something new, something fancy yet classy, just the way you like it? No, you don’t need to get your home renovated, just a few changes, and your home will come alive! Picture perfect. Oh, wait where do you find these things/accessories to bring the much needed interior renaissance to your home?? Well, with a click of the mouse, Zebrablinds can dress up any room from its range of explicit window treatments designed to complement your home decor.

And don’t you worry about how you are going to style your home or how much it will cost you, or even how hectic it would be to make even the smallest changes in your home, what with busy schedules and deadlines to be met! With the exclusive range of products available for accessorizing your windows like drapery hardware, drapery panels, and drapery valances, you can very economically get your guests gasping at your newly made-over home, the elegance pompously making itself noticed! Now let’s have a look at each of these uniquely crafted window accessories and their very attractive features.

Don’t you feel there’s some beautification needed while you stare at those bare curtain rods! A little thing to give a room that complete look, something as small as a simple as drapery hardware. These extremely stylish and ornate decorative pieces rescue the interiors of your home from slipping into the not so appealing, ages old look. Brands like the CROWN know just how to make it royal and classy. Here are some of the most classic makes available in this category:


They are sober yet classy, not too huge or shiny, just perfect, easy to fix and maintain drapery hardware. You’ll be delighted to know that just wiping these with a damp cloth or sponge can keep them clean without tarnishing the sheen. So order some now and beautify your windows like you’ve always wanted to, just a click away, et voila!

Coming to window dressings, let’s talk about drapery panels. Zebrablinds brings you high-quality, functional drapery panels to bring your home the palatial look in the fraction of a second. This brings to mind an aunt who’d wanted to change her window decor ever since she retired, quite a while ago. She’d always dreamt of living royally, after years of toil and minting the currency. Living in California with the sun brightly shining through her whole home she finally got the needed change and ‘look extraordinaire’ with the TABTOP CROWN DRAPERY PANELS. The pictures she sent me really spoke a thousand words – which were more or less adjectives of fabulous, beautiful and lovely! Those rich Lyon-wine shaded drapery panels so beautifully complemented the light creme of her walls. I couldn’t believe that it was the same monotony-laden home I’d visited a while ago! She’d opted for panels of cotton and polyester blends, with a standard lining to protect the drapes from the sun. They are durable, and can be machine washed, a convenience that didn’t cause her to shell out much from her fortune! All my aunt could then say was: ‘money earned well was money spent well.’

Coming back to the other brilliant offerings among the drapery panels:

The ROD POCKET CROWN DRAPERY PANELS from CROWN are the perfect panels you’d want, to give your home the traditional look. Its long flowing look makes it suitable for windows and doors as well. These are also called Tailored curtains or Pole Top Curtains since they are very prettily tailored into neat pleats and clear vines. The name itself is suggestive of the fact that you can put in a rod within, placing them on top of your window for the complete the look. Decorative rods and clip rings are some additional accessories that place the cherry on the cake! These light-filtering drapes also come in refreshing new colors for the right amount of versatility.
The ROD POCKET SHEER DRAPERY PANELS let the light pass through them, maintaining privacy yet not compromising on the room’s temperature and view!

The GROMMET DRAPERY PANELS by CROWN give your home a modest elegance. They’re known for their simple yet classy designs, making your home look modern and not too showy. Opt for liners that offer a good amount of insulation and privacy, and are available in eye-catching colors.

The lovely CROWN PARISIAN PLEAT DRAPERY PANELS give you the best of both worlds; the crisp and sharp pleats at the top bring give it beauty as it flows down in opulent folds; moreover, the range of choices available in terms of different colors and fabric designs make them the most popular among all the other panels. It’s just what a rational homemaker would want in order to enhance the sophistication at home!

The CROWN PINCH PLEAT SHEER DRAPERY PANELS bring the newness to a monotonous decor while they render protection from the hot sun outside. It’s distinct look, and appealing features make it very noticeable. All this beauty comes within at a reasonable price, too.

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