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4 Reasons NOT to Use Curtains Over Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades with Curtains

Cellular Shades with Curtains

Much has been talked about the Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades as they are popularly called and are the best shades to keep heat out. The unique structure of the Cellular Shades makes it an ideal insulator during extreme weathers. They trap air within their cells and block it from entering your living space. These shades are available in single, double or triple cell layers for better heat control. They are also available with a metalized polyester layer to further boost thermal insulation. Insulated shades without sidetracks increase the insulating (R) value of windows by about 1-2%. But insulated shades with side tracks and tight fitting perimeters increase the R-value by about 4%. After all, energy conservation starts at home.

Maximum Daylight Control and Privacy

Noise Reduction Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are made of a pleated material and designed to fold up or down to provide maximum daylight control and privacy. They are simple yet stylish, durable, lightweight and can be customized to fit any door, window, arch or skylight, making these shades high in demand. They blend in beautifully with today’s expensive lifestyle as they are considered to be a “stylish way to boost the energy efficiency in your home”. In case you live in a noisy neighborhood, then they are one of the best noise reduction shades.

With a world of benefits of Cellular Shades at your fingertips, you would not want to layer them with curtains surely. Hiding them behind curtains would rob the Cellular Shades of the style and elegance that you would have saved up everything for. So check out these reasons not to put Cellular Shades with Curtains;

Own artwork

Cellular shades are available in a plethora of material, colors, and patterns. You can choose to create your own artwork with these shades and make them a focal point in your living space. From subtle and light hues to bold and darker shades, from free-flowing sheer fabrics to heavy drapery material; you can also choose to go with 2 fabrics in one Cellular Shade or an even greater wow factor. Choose to layer a heavy fabric with loud patterns with a light sheer for an impressive ambiance to your room. Customize these two fabrics into one shade for an amazing cascading effect.

Cellular shades come in different grades of light filtration. Blackout cellular shades and room darkening cellular shades are an excellent option at blocking undesirable light out. Light filtering cellular shades or translucent cellular shades allow light in during the day as per your convenience. Choose pleats of your liking from small to medium to large sizes. So create your artwork along with a fabric of your choice.

Controlling heat

The basic purpose of a Cellular Shade is to control the solar heat, both in summers and winters. This is done by the honeycomb structure of the shade. Its simplicity is excellence and should not be trapped behind curtains. In case you do decide on using Cellular Shades, then let them complement your decor and blend its elegance easily.

Complete deployment

Motorized Cellular Shades

The full benefit of a Cellular Shade is gained when you completely deploy them at all times. Using them on windows which are strategically located in your home can control heat gain or heat loss. Choose to go with the popular top up bottom down lift type for a personalized way of handling the window treatment. Choose from cordless or motorized for a convenient way. And if you add curtains over these Cellular Shades, it can be a cumbersome task to open one layer and then the tedious task of opening another. Keep it simple by avoiding Cellular Shades with Curtains as they give you maximum benefit stand alone.

Huge savings

In case you are looking at dressing up multiple rooms or windows with Cellular Shades, they will cost you a bit of an extra penny. Doing up the windows with the right fabric and colors that you like will be an investment that you will live with for a period of time. So it’s not always necessary to have an extra layering of Cellular Shades with Curtains if you invest well in your cellular shades. Instead stash aside this budget to maybe add a touch of extra dressing with a valance or cornice of your choice. They will complete the picture more beautifully than a curtain will.

If you are thinking of getting summer shades but want to be extra careful in controlling heat, then choose Cellular Shades.

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