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A Look Into the Functioning of Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades – Performance and Functionality

There are a few products which, owing to their past performance and functionality, form a strong following in the market. Irrespective of their brands, their functionality, and presence are what matters to what consumers who do not care about other things in the market. Imagine a smartwatch. Besides telling the time, it constantly monitors your heart rate, the number of steps you took in your day and how strong your pulse is. It has become so popular in the market that people all over the world are purchasing it.

Now consider the shape and construction of cellular window shades. Their honeycomb construction gives a unique thin texture to them coupled with a design that contains pockets in them. These pockets trap heat, cold, light and sun. Besides, they can be easily cleaned through soil removing, dusting and vacuuming. Their easy shape also allows you to install them easily without any hassles involved. And as they come in a number of motorized and cordless options these days, they are deemed fit for kids and pets in the house. They can also provide you added convenience with the option for a motorized operation through remote control. There’s no wonder why these beautiful window coverings have grown to find a unique devout following among the many different types of window treatments.

What Are Cellular Shades?

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades are window treatments made of thin fabrics or materials that are almost paper-like. They are light and easy to install, and can very conveniently be set up against a window. They are one of the most versatile window coverings that can easily be customized according to your windows in question, whether they are rectangular, square, circular or bay. Their textured appearance lends a rather understated yet sophisticated look to your indoor space, and they contain “pockets” inside their material.

Based on the user’s preference and requirements, they come in a single or double layer of fabrics. At times, though, they also have more than two fabrics installed for even greater insulation purposes. The more the number of layers on a honeycomb shade, the better protection it provides against heat. Single-layered honeycomb shades, though, are best used for light diffusion. They are meant for people who want some natural glow inside the house. They are best used in neutral or pleasant climates. Double-cell or triple-cell honeycomb shades, on the other hand, are installed for homes that experience extreme climates for most times during the year.

Advantages of Installing Honeycomb Shades

Like any window covering that you purchase, there are some key takeaways in honeycomb shades that make them in an ideal choice irrespective of the make or location of your house. Let us consider their key advantages.

1) Great Insulation

When you have blinds that block the heat during summers and keep the cold winds from entering the home without letting the heat inside escape, you must purchase them without giving it a second thought. With cells that block heat, cold, sound, air and light from disrupting your peace and affecting the room temperature, the cellular shade construction is one of the greatest innovations in window treatments.

2) Attractive and Understated

One of the key features of these beautiful blinds and shades is their minimal design, offering a simple and relaxed appearance. This is meant for people who don’t prefer the items and peripherals in their room to be too gaudy or overbearing. They offer a soothing presence to the mind, hence making them the preferred option for those seeking peace.

3) Privacy

When you want enhanced privacy in your room, you can go for honeycomb shades with multiple layers of protection. They will not only block heat and sound but will also prevent unwanted intruders from having a good look inside. They make the house safe during all times of the day, whether you’re involved in activities during the day time or enjoying your sleep at night.

4) Noise Cancellation

There are times when we want to be left alone without any outside noise or disturbances. Honeycomb shades can be quite handy on that front. Even if you are staying amid noisy neighbors or hollering kids, they are sure to keep the noise down to a minimum.

Custom Cellular Shades at ZebraBlinds

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are known for their high R-value, which, in other terms, represents the thermal insulation value, making them excellent insulators when compared to their competition in the market. Whether the weather is hot or cold, arid or chilly, their novel mechanism makes them perfect alternatives to battle discomfort in temperatures. At ZebraBlinds, cellular window shades come in various brands. And as they are available in a variety of color palettes and sizes, they can be easily customized to create a beautiful pattern of color and designs for your interior decor.

Cordless TDBU Cellular Shades

Cordless TDBU Cellular Shades

Cordless TDBU cellular shades (or top down bottom up shades) have light filtering as well as blackout options available in a variety of colors, and they are one of the most functional types of shades available in not just the cellular shades variety. Their lift feature allows you to adjust them according to the level of privacy and light control you need. Either you can have complete privacy or 100% natural light inside the room, or have them adjusted according to levels that create the optimum level of light control and darkness you want indoors. is a go-to online store where you can find a diverse range of color and styles in cellular shades. You can customize your window treatments with all the desired features you expect from window shades and blinds. As honeycomb blinds are the complete package, you can line up to magnify the beauty of your home with these reliable products.

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