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Cellular Shades: An Efficient Alternative to Traditional Window Coverings

Cellular Shades - An Efficient Alternative to Traditional Window Coverings

What are Cellular/Honeycomb Shades?

Windows are an intrinsic part of any house. They are the source of light and energy in your homes and your sole connection with the outside world once you lock yourself indoors. Our windows need styling to add a splash of elegance to the house. Traditional window coverings like shutters, Roman shades, sheer shades and faux wood blinds have become a favorite in most households. But times have changed.

Are you now bored of your traditional window dressings? Have you ever sat in your living space and wondered if the traditional window treatment in your home could be upgraded to something modern and more stylish? Have you craved for more choices as far as window blinds and shades are concerned?

Well, over the years, the market of window shades has undergone a complete upheaval. Innovations and improved technology has changed the way you would have thought about window treatments. While the conventional window coverings have not disappeared from the market, there are now more exciting choices waiting for you to explore.
Cellular Honeycomb Shades
One of the finest alternatives to old-fashioned window dressings is cellular shades. These shades are widely being used as they help to block or filter light and also help in saving energy as they insulate the windows. They are one of the best all-purpose and customizable window solutions that you can opt for your homes.

The cell shapes of these shades trap air in their fabric which creates a barrier between the room and the window surface. This is important because windows are a major cause of thermal loss that takes place in the home. They cause undesired heat loss during winter while allowing entry of undesired heat during the peak summer months. The air trapped between the room and the window surface helps in insulation, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Insulation is as critical during summer as in winter. By not allowing heat to infiltrate inside it helps to keep our air conditioning bills low. In this way, cellular shades insulate our windows, increase our home’s energy efficiency and comfort, and reduce our energy costs. Opting for honeycomb shades with a greater number of cells allows for better insulation.

Honeycomb Blinds

Traditional Coverings v/s Cellular Shades

Traditional shades like Roman shades and cellular and honeycomb shades have some features in common. Both of them form a single wall of fabric; they are ideal for very tall windows etc., but the greatest advantage of honeycomb shades which tilts the deal in its favor is that they have a lot thermal resistant properties. This is a major reason why people opt for honeycomb shades when it comes to choosing between cellular and traditional coverings like drapes or Roman shades. Cellular shades have many different lift types, including a Top-Down Bottom-up option which allows you to lift the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top. This means the shades can provide greater privacy by keeping the bottom part of the window covered from outside view while allowing sufficient light to enter from the top.

Comparatively, though some fabric of Roman shades allows some degree of heat retention and blocking, they do not offer the same level of resistance like honeycomb shades. Also, there is no way you can adjust the amount of light pouring in through the Roman shades. To do so you will have to couple the shades with an additional curtain.

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Attractive Features of Cellular Shades

If you are making a transition from normal shades to more modern window treatments, cellular or honeycomb shades are your best bet. They boast of a host of attractive qualities and features that make them lucrative to buyers.

• Their brilliant honeycomb shades help to trap air and provide increased insulation indoors. Insulation is critical during winter months to prevent heat from escaping the house and during the summer, they block sun rays from raising the temperatures within.
• Thanks to its insulating qualities, these shades are extremely energy efficient. They also help to keep the otherwise skyrocketing electricity bills during summer in control. Tightly installed honeycomb shades help to cut heat loss through windows by much as 40% and sometimes more.
• These shades have both light filtering and blackout options available. You can pick one up as per your requirements.
• The blackout or room darkening cellular shades are excellent in keeping out excess and undesired light.
Room Darkening Cellular Shades
• The translucent honeycomb structure shades are the ones that allow light to filter in while protecting privacy at the same time.
• Do not get intimidated by the honeycomb shape thinking that they will be tough to clean. These window treatments are easy to clean and they come endowed with anti-static and dust repellent properties. You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean off any dust.
Honeycomb shades are also available in their cordless variant. You do not have to worry about those unruly cords posing safety concerns for the kids.
• These shades also help dampen ambient noise through your window.
• The ‘top-down bottom-up’ feature of the shades has been thoughtfully incorporated. It helps to protect privacy inside the house while at the same time allowing light to filter in from the top.
• The double cell shades offer better insulation than single cell shades.

For those of you who wish to replace your traditional shades and looking for a viable and more efficient alternative, honeycomb cell shades are the window treatment for you. Equipped with a range of modern features, smart and stylish, these shades help to make a fashion statement, improve the style of the house, while at the same time contributing to preserving energy and preventing heat loss.

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