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Cellular Shade, The Best Insulated Shades


It’s called Nirvana, finding the best window treatment that offers perfect insulation!

Summer will be here soon. With Global Warming, the temperature shows every indication of soaring. Thanks to the not so sustainable use of resources by us. However, since the mess has been made we need to deal with it. Appropriate measures have to be taken to keep l’il sunny out of homes, and well, it’s not as easy as it sounds.
For me, summers are a nightmare; with the piling work and rising temperatures, my blood pressure levels shoot up. The heat goes to my head, and whoa! people around me prefer to stay away and offer me chocolates from a radius of 10 meters. This summer, I thought to myself, I need to keep it cool, especially my home, which becomes like a gas chamber. But there were people more troubled with the heat than I was. One of my college friends, Alison, who’d shifted to Houston after graduation, called me yesterday and we ended up chatting until dawn. She began with how the humid subtropical Houston weather was becoming difficult for her, as she became terribly irritable. “My air conditioner doesn’t seem to be interested in its work, you barely feel the cooling”. She said Houston has rightly described as the “most air-conditioned place on earth”. And with the predominant air pollution, the heat only escalates. Worried for her, I asked how she was managing it all. She said: “I no longer have to, I found the right solution for the soaring temperature, it doesn’t bother me anymore”.


The Insulating Cellular Shades.

When asked what got her the respite from the heat, she said as if in proclamation, “My very new Insulating Cellular Shades ” And then she couldn’t stop speaking volumes of her new window purchase. I wouldn’t bore you with her lengthy description, so here it is in a nut shell –

Cellular Shades, also known as the Honeycomb Shades , are uniquely designed to provide the ultimate level of insulation as the shades run parallel to the window frames and protect your home from sun, heat, UV rays, noise, cold and even dust.
The product catalog offers a number of brands to choose your Cellular Shades from. There’s Crown, Graber and Norman too, which provide quality products for your elegant decor at very reasonable prices. Alison had chosen the Crown Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades. The refreshing shades made in polyester fabric with a light textured appearance offer wonderful light control and the edges don’t fray even when it’s mounted really tight against the window frame. And the light filtering fabric along with proper light diffusion provides adequate privacy, too. Alison was more excited about the control features, as having a cordless control would keep the numerous hands from touching the shades. Also, it being child-friendly, she was relieved it wouldn’t pose any strangulation hazards for her little nephews when they visited.
The easy installation, of course, made her smile a little more! The properly integrated brackets and head rail system gives a seamless look to her windows, the crisp honeycomb structure and pleats that are unique to its style, prevent the shades from sagging and stretching. The Cellular Shades are effective insulators because of its efficient and simplified technology – the honeycomb cells trap air creating a layered barrier that blocks the transfer of heat from out in or vice versa, so winter or summer, it’s equally effective. The noise decibels also are lowered considerably, allowing you to enjoy a nice afternoon nap on summer weekends.
With its performance par excellence, you are likely to save a handsome amount on your electricity bills. And you’d have also done your bit for sustainable environmental protection.
As far as cleaning is concerned simple dusting, vacuum cleaning or spot cleaning will suffice to keep the look of your shades intact. And in case of any original defects in the material or workmanship, the company offers a one year warranty for its quality product. Another equally efficient, energy saving, durable and elite product in this range is the Graber CrystalPleat Light Filtering Single Cellular Shades. The CrystalPleat shades have 3/4th inches and 3/8th inches single layered honeycomb cells that can decide the level of insulation for your homes as per the cell size. The bigger the cell the greater the insulation capacity of the air pockets in the layers. Similarly, the more the layers, the more the insulation – dual layers obviously offer higher insulation. The Norman Portrait Light Filtering Honeycomb Cellular shades are available in a string of colors like Dusty Orchid, Chili Pepper, Birch, Ginger Spice, Sugar Blue, and so on. This spectrum of the most eye catching yet subtle colors is the perfect choice for a host of decors. The shades are also available in Blackout option.
I found solace in getting CrystalPleat Cellular Shades  installed at my place, and by the time summer is here, it really is going to be heaven. I suggest that you, too, take some time out and run a search on Zebrablinds for some insulating blinds. to gain respite from the heat and the increasing blood pressure!



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