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Vertical blinds better than your dreams

Every Home Owner dreams of privacy and high energy efficiency in their homes while maintaining a modern and unique style. For covering windows, large wide windows, and sliding doors numerous styles and colors of Vertical Blinds are available. Graber offers a large variety of styles, designs, textures and colors in Fabric, Vinyl, and Wood; so whatever your idea is, Graber…

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Vertical Window Shading

Vertical Blinds and Shades for Expansive Windows For those who don’t really care, one really must understand that there is a difference between ‘Blinds’ and ‘Shades’ – Blinds are a shading system that are made of movable horizontal slats (can be rotated in a 180-degree plane) that can control the light coming through the window, held equidistant from each other…

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THE COSY NOOK Leanne had struck on a brilliant idea to get rid of that thick, brown plastic curtain that the earlier occupant had used as a room divider. He was definitely lacking in aesthetics, she thought. On her first visit to the studio apartment, this curtain had put her off completely but when she looked the other way, the…

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