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Go Green with Natural Shades

Natural Shades

Natural Shades for Your Home   Besides offering a beautiful design, window treatments that aim for reduced energy usage result in more significant energy savings, meaning more money in your pocket over a long period of time. Energy-efficient treatments help in reducing up to 50 percent of heating and cooling costs as the windows maintain your room’s temperature. When we start to think…

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Ideal Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches to Rejuvenate Your Afternoons

Create Beautiful Afternoons with Custom Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches Screened porches are a wonderful way to enjoy an indoor environment outdoors. They allow hanging space for garments or space to store shoes, or even just an extra layer security and privacy from the outdoors. Let’s explore a few ways to dress these unique window areas. First of all we…

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Purifying Indoor Air – Top-Down-Bottom-Up Natural Shades

Using Houseplants and GreenGuard Certified Shades for Clean Indoor Air The glory of indoor plants is boundless – spirits are instantly uplifted when one walks into a home with artfully placed plants! It’s almost as if they’re smiling at you and saying, “nice to have you back!” A home without indoor plants looks dour and uninteresting in comparison. An English…

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