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Zebra Sheer Shades the Designer’s Choice Window Shades

Illusion Sheer Shades The beauty of the ivory white in sheer is so awesome got a fresh feel of Cherry Blossoms in spring! This beautiful Zebra Sheer Shades, also known as Zebra Sheers, Flat Sheer Shades, Illusion Shades or Zebra Blinds. This unique modish style window shade has the combination of the advantages of both window shades and window blinds.…

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an exciting window treatment option for your favorite room of the house. Unlike traditional shutters, which are installed externally, these window treatments are installed inside your home. Made from bare wood, painted wood or a variety of synthetic fabrics, they offer a variety of advantages. Should I buy plantation shutters? If you’re wondering why you might consider…

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Norman Window Fashions Window Coverings Safety Innovation

 Norman Window Fashions The  ‘Best for kids’ Shades from Norman They look innocuous! Many people don’t even consider window cords to be a threat for children. I myself have raised two children, completely unaware of the lurking danger posed by dangling cords to my kids, and the pets that we’ve had over the years. Were we just lucky? Though it…

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