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Online: The Next Super Malls for Custom Window Coverings

It used to be local stores, then came larger supermarkets, and finally, it was the multi-complex super mall. Now it is all online at the touch of your fingertips. With the fast pace of today’s world, walking down long lines of shops, rushing through multitudes of people is just not practical. Online shopping, a faster, a more convenient way of…

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Upgrade Your Windows!

SmartPrivacy-Faux-Wood-Blinds -

Efficiency, eco-friendly, and beauty, qualities a blind must embody. Standard blinds are usually what you think off as blinds. They are always beautiful, some are even eco-friendly, and all of them are efficient…for the most part. Room for improvement is always a possibility and with today’s technology improvements have been made. Smart Privacy blinds the contemporary version for blinds. The most clearly…

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Dress Your Windows Right!

You have the perfect area rug, the side table, the to-die-for vintage chair, yet the room is still… incomplete? Most people may not notice or even consider, but the windows are also factors in finishing the room. A bare window can be the point to break or make your style. The windows are the truly tricky creatures to decorate. There…

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To Light or Not to Light

Sunlight is both the beauty and the beast in your home. Long-term exposure to sunlight can damage your home interiors, especially the expensive decor. Wooden floors, furniture, walls, paintings, leather sofas, and even window drapes fade in color and finish with long term exposure. However, going solar has become a new innovative way to save the planet and save money.…

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