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The Quick and Simple Way to Clean Blinds and Shades

  Blinds and shades can look terrific in your home – but only if you keep them sparkling clean. Luckily, there are several ways to clean your blinds and shades without investing hours of work. One of the most powerful features you have in your home to clean your shades is your vacuum cleaner. Honeycomb shades, roller shades, blinds and…

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Mix & Match Window Covering Color Schemes To Beautify Your Home

Mix and match or Combination of Window Dressings It is a well-established fact that windows can add to the decor of your home. Much effort has been put into studying the visual effects of glass, wood, and metal elements that make up the average window.   You can further spruce up your home’s looks by adding the right window coverings—these…

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Combining Drapes and Blinds – The Best of Both Worlds

Cool breeze in Summer. “Oh, my God, this amazing cool breeze is coming through my window and the sun is shining. I’m happy.” – Liv Tyler I am sure it is not just Liv Tyler who feels that way about the cool breeze streaming in through the window on a hot summer day. It spreads a joyful, pleasant feeling in…

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Faux Wood blinds for the summer heat

The dry summer heat. When we use the words ‘summer heat’, we evoke images of bright sunshine with the temperature at levels that instill in us an urge to be indoors where the temperature be controlled for comfort. Sun rays are carriers of solar radiation that generate heat when they strike surfaces that they encounter. Depending on the material composition,…

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