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The Quick and Simple Way to Clean Blinds and Shades

  Blinds and shades can look terrific in your home – but only if you keep them sparkling clean. Luckily, there are several ways to clean your blinds and shades without investing hours of work. One of the most powerful features you have in your home to clean your shades is your vacuum cleaner. Honeycomb shades, roller shades, blinds and…

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Commercial Window Shading – Cellular Shades or Solar Shades or Venetian Blinds?

A Shift in Paradigm in Commercial Window Design Watching a legal drama on TV like ‘Suits’ or ‘The Good Wife’ makes me come away wanting to wear sunglasses. Have you noticed how the offices portrayed in the shows almost always sport curtain-wall windows or the building itself is made of glass, much like all the commercial buildings one sees in…

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Window Shading for High Performance Buildings in Schools

The Importance of Good IAQ in Classrooms I remember when I went to school. Back in the 70’s and 80’s……the smell of chalk, the smell of fear, fluorescent lighting that was quite unpleasant, the cracked, marked wooden desks and chairs! The teachers were never very friendly, and we didn’t ask many questions, but nothing to complain about, really. But a…

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Faux Wood blinds for the summer heat

The dry summer heat. When we use the words ‘summer heat’, we evoke images of bright sunshine with the temperature at levels that instill in us an urge to be indoors where the temperature be controlled for comfort. Sun rays are carriers of solar radiation that generate heat when they strike surfaces that they encounter. Depending on the material composition,…

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