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What are Cellular Shades?

What Are Cellular Shades

What is a Cellular Shade When you are looking for those perfect pair of shades for your homes, the one name that keeps popping in every discussion thread is cellular shade. It is certainly one of the most popular and versatile window shades that you can hope to find for the windows. They attractive and gorgeous, they are energy efficient…

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“Protect Your Homes from Sunlight with Right Choice of Window Shades “

Explore Window Shading Options: Much like the eyes need protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun, so too do the windows of a house or any structure for that matter. As buildings evolved from the dark ages to those of the medieval era, so too did the aesthetic needs of the ordinary man. As humans got more educated…

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Best Window Solutions for Bathrooms and Media Rooms.

Best Bathroom Blinds and Shades Options You Should Consider   Bathrooms are one of underrated interior spaces which are often overlooked by interior designers and homeowners. Bathrooms have their own style and are very vital in creating a perfect ambiance. Bathroom window blinds should meet certain characteristic features such as privacy, durability and light control in addition to matching the…

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