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House Windows with Built-in Blinds: Pros & Cons

House Windows with Built-In Blinds

Viable Alternative to Conventional Shades You know all about those versatile Roman shades, functional and classy cellular shades, the pretty roller shades, super-efficient solar shades and the all-time elegant draperies. These adorn your beautiful windows, increase the aesthetic appeal of your homes and protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and prying eyes of your neighbors. While there…

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Are Smart Shades & Blinds Really Smart?

Are Smart Shades and Blinds Really Smart

Smart Homes At no point of our civilization have lives been so extensively touched by technology. It defines, controls and characterizes every facet of human life today. We cannot put a step forward without technology and it never ceases to amaze that just 15-20 years back the world was vastly less connected and dependent on technology than it is today.…

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The Most Common Window Dressing Mishaps & Ways to Avoid Them

Most Common Window Dressing Mishaps and Ways to Avoid Them

Loss of Aesthetics & Functionality When doing up your homes and deciding on the décor for your rooms, the one aspect that is often ignored or accorded little importance, is window treatment. Every room has beautiful windows and they need to be dressed up adequately and aesthetically to accentuate the beauty of the rooms and also make them functional at…

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