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Can You Wash Faux Wood Blinds Without Damaging Them?

Can You Wash Faux Wood Blinds

Best Ways to Wash Faux Wood Blinds

Integrating royal wooden texture to the windows is everyone’s dream as it creates designer-worthy appeal while enhancing the charm and attractiveness of the decor in an elegant manner. There are various ways of designing the interior with wooden decorative elements. And wooden window blinds are one of them which are manufactured to give indoor a sophisticated look and provide multiple functional values. But this design trend can dig a big hole in your pocket.

But if you are planning to do an exotic transformation for the windows with some wooden tricks without spending fortune, then we have a quick solution for you. Faux Wood Blinds – A perfect replica to your real wooden window coverings that offer a perfect artistic feeling your arena deserves. Crafted from high-quality materials faux wood blinds are super durable and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather situations. They with different slat sizes that balance the incoming light prevent excess heat, protect living space from prying eyes, etc. They are considered to be the gem of your home decor in terms of beauty, functionality, and practicality.

Sounds good right? However, these blinds need some care and attention in order to maintain their functional smoothness while staying highlighted all the time. Yes, like the other elements in your home, your faux wood blinds require proper maintenance and cleaning. Over time, dust, dirt, stains, and other elements create a layer on the slats which not only ruin the appearance of the windows but also lead your product towards damage. Regular dusting and vacuuming can get rid of you from this problem. But due to our hectic schedule, it becomes hard to clean them on a daily basis and which helps to create a blanket of dust on the blind slats.

Washing these faux wood blinds can help you out. There are many blinds and shades which are not washable because of their sensitive fabric material which can cause them to warp or crack easily. But you don’t have to worry as these window dressings are highly resistant to water and moisture which make them incredibly strong.

So, check out the simple ways of eliminating the stubborn dirt and grime, and keep the blinds aesthetically pleasing and magnificent for long.

● Remove the sticky dirt with a mild cleaning detergent and microfiber cloth. If you live in a high humidity area, then chances are more that dust may create a sticky coat on the blinds. Mix the two ingredients in a proper manner, dip a microfiber cloth into it, and wipe it over the slats.
● To clean grime and stains, the process is the same as above. Take a mix of lukewarm water and soapy solution. Then insert a cloth into the mixture, squeeze out the excess water, and clean the slats one by one. Start from the top slat and do the same until you reach the bottom slat. Flip the slats and do it for the opposite direction as well. But chemical cleaners are to be avoided.
● If you wish to clean the blinds with natural cleaners, then a white vinegar solution is a great idea. This will disinfect your blinds as well. Take enough water and pour the liquid into it and mix it properly. Start at the top corner and wipe from one side of the slat to another. Continue the same process for all the slats. Now take a microfiber cloth to blot them gently until they are completely dry.
● Even after wiping down the slats, if the stain persists then deep cleaning is the last thing you can do. Take a bucket filled with warm soapy water and continue wiping the slats until the dirt disappears. For maximum cleaning efficiency, you can take out the slats and blinds from the window frame and lay it on a large white sheet. But be very careful while removing them and take out the excess water from the cloth before wiping. Before you hang the blinds again, make sure to dry them properly. You can run a dryer for this.


● It’s highly recommended not to use any abrasive or chemical cleaners as they will damage the blinds instantly. Always take the gentle liquid solution or soapy water for washing faux wood blinds.
● And before you start, don’t forget to check your product cleaning manual for detailed information. Speak with a professional to protect your product from any damage. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issue that happens during the above procedures.

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