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Can You Steam Clean Roller Blinds?

Can You Steam Clean Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are some of the most common and the most efficient window coverings out there. They’re widely popular for their simplicity and for their extraordinary effectiveness. But Roller blinds need maintenance, even if only a little. While you shouldn’t need regular maintenance of the mechanism itself, the issue does arise when it’s been a few weeks in and you notice that fine coating of dust on your roller blinds. Sure, it isn’t something to worry about right now; but give it just a little more time and you’ll start to notice the dust is falling off and just… hanging in the air. If you’re someone who deals with allergies, then we don’t need to tell you how vital it is that you keep dust from flying into the air of your home and up your (possibly) sensitive nostrils.

Now let’s assume you’ve got a new steam cleaner, and the adult in you is going absolutely crazy about all the stuff you’re going to make squeaky clean. When your eyes eventually land on your roller blinds you think to yourself “Can you steam clean roller blinds?” The answer is yes, you certainly can use a steam cleaner on those roller blinds, but you need to be careful.

When you use your steam cleaner, make sure you know what kind of water you’re loading it with. Most manufacturers would suggest you use distilled water because you may otherwise use water that contains magnesium salts which can hamper the functioning of your steam cleaner, or worse, destroy whatever you’re trying to clean. So if you’re considering to steam clean your roller blinds” then here are few things we would like you to keep in mind.

• Before you begin, make sure you know how long you need to wait once your steam cleaner is active. The usual wait time can be up to 8 to 10 minutes.
• Make sure to check with your manufacturer to see if they have any advice as well.
• Once your steam cleaner is warmed up and ready to go, get your attachments ready
• You still can’t be sure which parts of your blinds can be steam cleaned, so do a little test first to see if you encounter any problems
• To test your blinds with the steam cleaner, first, choose a hidden area
• Once you’ve selected the area try the steam cleaner on ONLY that area
• If you get a nice clean patch then you’re good to go and clean the rest
• But if your blinds start to warp or get discolored, ABORT!
• This is because some low-quality fabrics and vinyl blinds are easily susceptible to heat damage from a steamer and cannot be cleaned this way
• Considering your blinds were fine after the test, let’s proceed
• Start by moving the steam cleaner from side to side over the blinds (make sure you’re using the brush attachment)
• The dust will start to lose its hold on your blinds and can be cleaned much more easily
• The remainder of the dust and steam condensate can be removed by wiping the blinds down with a clean cloth
• You will need to rotate your blinds so you can do the same for the other side with your steam cleaner
• As with any time you’re steam cleaning, keep an eye on the water level because if it runs empty, you will need to wait for the cleaner to cool down before you can refill it again

Even if you don’t have a brush attachment that fits right, you’ll find that the steam cleaner by itself is still very effective. The only difference is that you’ll need to rely on the towel to get rid of all the dust that comes loose. If you’re wondering why you would use the steam cleaner without the brush, it’s because the steam is particularly effective when you deal with dust mites. Steam cleaning is also a great way to get any mould out.

If you’re using a steam cleaner on your vinyl shades or vinyl roller blinds after testing, you still need to make sure that you move the steam cleaner faster than usual, simply because even if the testing came through fine, excessive heat is still not good for your vinyl blinds even if they are high quality.

We hope this answered your question: Can you steam clean roller blinds. Because the answer is yes, but it just varies from blind to blind and will require testing to make sure you don’t end up ruining your blinds. But if you’re looking for a good and effectively deep clean, we suggest giving professional cleaners a try.