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Can You See Through Light Filtering Shades At Night?

Can You See Through Light Filtering Shades At Night

There are a gamut of benefits that the sunlight brings in, and that is why a good dosage of it is essential to our survival. Without solar energy, more than half of the industries in the world would be shut. The sun is essential, and daily exposure to it is necessary for long and healthy life. The world of window treatments identifies the importance of sunlight, and that is why there are a good number of shades with light filtering capabilities operating in homes across the world. People love to customize and have things tailored to their benefits. And this is why they prefer shades and blinds that can light up the room and also protect them from the sun, when necessary. So despite the many blackout fabrics in window treatments, there will be one accompanying it that will filter the sunlight and brighten the room during day time. But there is a concern that is often ignored yet very relevant when it comes to this very feature of light-filtering shades. What about night time? Will you be able to see through these shades? Well, we will discuss that in the section below.

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The Effectiveness Of Light Filtering Window Treatments

The effectiveness of light filtering window treatments is tested according to their various types. They can either be made of sheer fabrics that allow some light to enter, or they can be made of thicker material such as wood with gaps between them that allow the light to enter. Let us examine the various kinds of light-filtering shades below.

Sheer Window Treatments:

Made from a very light material like net or supernet, they allow a good amount of light to pass through and brighten the room. So for all of you who enjoy a comfortable climate all year, where there is no need of air conditioners or heaters, they can be a good fit. They bring your electricity costs reasonably down, especially during day time. However, the see-through fabric isn’t a good insulator, and there may be issues arising due to a lack of privacy. Anyone who is standing outside can see the indoors clearly, and you may well install an additional layer of material if you are sensitive about your personal space.

Semi-Sheer Window Treatments:

They use a lighter material and still allow in plenty of sunlight, but the fabric is comparatively thicker than that used in sheer fabrics. They also provide better privacy than their “lighter” versions and are a cross between the room darkening and sheer fabrics. However, when temperatures get too hot or cold for comfort, you might need an additional shade or window treatment to keep the indoors protected and the house comfortable and cozy.

The Special Fabric Of Solar Shades

Solar shades have a special fabric with different openness percentages. Their see-through features totally depend on which side you are on. When looking from a dark room to a light side, it is easier to see through. This means that during the day when it is bright outside, you can see outside easily. However, at night time this has the opposite effect if you have lights on inside the home.

Solar shades can be pretty effective window shades because of a number of reasons. Unlike many other sheer fabrics, they allow you to have a good look at the outdoors without being spotted. Thir special fabric is constructed to withstand heat and dirt. Thus, they last you for years, even decades, if taken care of properly. So when they are in place, enjoy a good view of the garden, watch your kids playing catch, while simultaneously looking out for any suspicious characters that find their way into your front lawn.

Besides the light filtering capability, which is their prime highlight, solar shades retain the good portion of the sunlight in your home and keep out the harmful radiations. I’m talking about ultraviolet radiation that leads to a number of skin disorders and pigmentation, which people usually get after sitting in the sun for too long, in gardens or at beaches. You can also keep your furniture and other items placed anywhere you wish, without worrying about them fading. When you have solar shades in place, these items stay protected.
Light Filtering Solar Shades

The Functionality of Solar Shades At Night

Despite this major feature to boast, solar shades are available in a number of opacity levels. People prefer them during summers, but a lot of them also go for blackout options instead to create a completely dark atmosphere in their living room or bedroom. These can be effective during evenings when you have put your artificial lights switched on for a party or for the purpose of reading. Blackout shades, thus, provide privacy at all times, whether daytime or nighttime. Solar shades are a different story.

The special fabric of solar shades gives you better visibility of that place which is more illuminated. During the day, you can get a reasonably good view of outdoors because the light is bright outside while the indoors are dimly lit or darker in comparison. However, when the sun sets, the reverse effect takes place. When you switch on your bulbs and lamps you carry on with your household chores during the night, there is no light outside. So anyone who is standing outside can have a good view of the indoors.

Dual Solar & Blackout Shades

Two Shades in one! These shades can combine the functionality of Solar Shades and Blackout Shades, allowing you to enjoy the view during the day, and maximize privacy during the night!

So, while solar shades can provide a good deal of privacy during the day while also keeping your room bright and illuminated, they might leave you feeling exposed when night falls. It is a good idea to have them installed in areas where you do not need to carry out a lot of important tasks after dark, like hosting a party or a get-together with buddies.
Light Filtering Fabric Solar Shades

Other Effective Light Filtering Shades

One thing to note is that regular light filtering shades which have no openness but are just a translucent fabric cannot be seen through and will provide privacy. Here are some options that can provide privacy at night time.

Zebra Sheer Shades:

They are one of the most perfect choices for any room of the house, especially the living room and bedroom where you can enjoy a good deal of natural light for drinking a cup of coffee or relax on your sofa/bed. They boast of alternating room darkening and sheer fabrics, thus offering a unique look that is contemporary as well as functional. They can be customized in different fabrics and vane sizes to suit the level of privacy or light you want inside your room. They can be easily operated and maintained with their durable material made out of sturdy polyester.
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Woven Wood Blinds:

These are available in a number of styles in natural fabrics by Crown, a leading blinds manufacturer known for its functionality and durability. With the natural beauty of nature’s elements, they provide a smooth and charming texture to your living space. They are also available in cordless options to keep them safe for kids and pets and can be easily cleaned through vacuuming or dusting.

To sum up, there are various window shades made out of different light filtering materials, which not only let you thrive in peace and natural light but also enable you the privacy that you need in your home. Solar shades can be a good fit as they entail a good outdoor view, but only during the day. At night, the indoors become more visible for the outsiders when the lights are turned on. So before deciding which light filtering shades you need, do as much research as possible, and go for window treatments that enable safety, privacy, and energy-efficiency all at once.

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